Vancouver Update: Ship tied to terrorist Tamil Tigers

The Sri Lankan ship that landed in British Columbia three weeks ago (here) has been tied to the Tamil Tigers.  The Canadian government says it will deport all those on board who are found to be connected to the terrorist group. 

From AFP:

VANCOUVER, Canada — Several of a group of 76 Sri Lankan asylum seekers picked up off the Canadian coast last month have ties to the Tamil Tiger rebels and could pose a security risk, officials said Tuesday.

The Canadian government told an immigration hearing that the “Ocean Lady” freighter used to transport the migrants has been linked to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), panel spokeswoman Paula Faber told AFP.

The vessel had “possibly been used for arms shipments” and the men should continue to be detained “on national security grounds,” government officials told the hearing, according to Faber.

Tests showed two of the men detained had explosive residue on their clothes, the officials said.

Similar ships with would-be asylum seekers have arrived in Australian waters, see our category on Australia for those stories.

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