Ft. Morgan Update: Gag order lifted in Somali murder case

Update:  Victim identified, same last name as murder suspect, here.

This is a post to update last week’s reports, here and here, from “welcoming” Ft. Morgan, CO, about the murder of a young refugee woman by a Somali man.  Although earlier stories dance around the word ‘Somali,’ referring to the alleged murderer and victim as being from East Africa, it sure appears from their names and from her photo that they are both Somali refugees presumably resettled here by the US State Department.   Some resettlement agency knows the two well and might know if they had a history together.  Prosecutors and reporters should contact the US State Department and find out the details of when the two entered the US and who resettled them. 

This is one time I wish we published photos.  Go to the Ft. Morgan Times story from Friday and see the suspected murderer’s photo—he is likely a lighter skinned Somali because of the Arab influence in the Horn of Africa.  I am told that such interbreeding is common.   Think about all the people in the world who wish to come to America and make better lives for themselves and we selected this guy.

Here is the story:

Bond was set Thursday at $300,000 for Ahmed Abdi of Greeley, accused in the stabbing death of a woman tentatively identified as Warsan Aden of Fort Morgan.

Abdi, 25, like the victim an East African, was in Morgan County District Court with an interpreter for rights advisement in the case.

District Attorney Robert Watson said he was not yet certain what charges would be filed, but preliminary reports indicated that the charges could be second-degree murder and first- and second-degree assault.

Judge Kevin Hoyer rescinded an order regarding pretrial publicity, putting normal standards for release of information about the case into effect.

Earlier, Judge Douglas Vannoy had imposed a set of standards somewhat more rigid than normal.

The judge says that rumors would start if the gag order was not rescinded—good thinking judge!

“It is a matter of interest to the community and a matter of interest to the media representing the community,” Watson said as he and Sperandeo both asked the court to rescind the order. Watson said he would rather have accurate information put out than to have rumors circulating.

Besides the $300,000 bond, Abdi must — if he raises bail — surrender any travel documents such as a passport or visa and must remain in Colorado.

Not a good idea, however, to even give him an opportunity to be out on bail.  He will disappear into Canada or Mexico the minute he is free (it is a possibility that that is how he got here in the first place).  Reporters for the Ft. Morgan Times need to find out whether or not he came to be in the US legally by, as I said above, contacting the US State Department.

This is what we are told so far about the murder itself.

The affidavit in support of the arrest warrant for Abdi said that two people called police to an apartment building at 400 W. Kiowa Ave. at 11:36 p.m. Tuesday.

Witness Abshir Hirsi, 29, said the victim went to the door of an apartment where she and several other people were watching television and began talking to a man, then they heard a loud noise as the victim yelled. She then grabbed Hirsi, and he felt blood.

For new readers:   Ft. Morgan has been, in my opinion, too naive and politically correct about the Somalis and other refugees pouring into that meat packing town, see my post here last year.   You can “welcome” them, but the community needs to be fully informed about the downside as well as the upside of being a resettlement city.  Cargill isn’t luring them to Ft. Morgan because they care about the downtrodden or wish to give Ft. Morgan the joys of multiculturalism—they are cheap legal labor, that is all.

See also this post about how Somali men would not allow Somali women to attend a mixed-gender church luncheon in Ft. Morgan.

Also you should know that the US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US in the last 25 years and then last year had to suspend family reunification because widespread immigration fraud was revealed through DNA testing.

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