Hire a refugee! You might even get a federal tax credit!

Your tax dollars:

As we continue to see a pattern of (excessively!) large numbers of refugees resettled in certain towns and cities near meatpacking plants, it’s pretty obvious there is something in it for the meatpacking giants in addition to being able to keep wages low and virtually having a captive labor pool to choose from, there may also be tax credits—namely the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).   You can learn all about it here.

Also, I just came across this handy resource called Refugee Works where prospective employers can learn about all the advantages of hiring refugees.

However, now I have many more questions.  Do the resettlement agencies have any sort of contractual arrangement with certain big businesses to hire their refugees?  Do poor and unemployed American citizens get the sorts of help and guidance that the refugees get?  Is there actually a federal-guided effort to get new refugees to meatpacking towns? (I think that was definitely happening in Iowa in the Clinton Administration, here)  And, since an eligible WOTC refugee need only be employed for, it looks like 10 weeks (400 hours), in order for the business to reap its tax benefit, could an unscrupulous employer just let someone go after that point and get a fresh refugee and start the process all over?

So, in addition to having a compliant (helpless really!) labor force close at hand with potential new employees rotating in as others burn out, move on, or are fired, these big business employers have employees who are subsidized by the taxpayer in the form of food stamps, subsidized housing, some medical coverage, etc.  Thus employers can continue, guilt free I suppose, to not pay a living wage.  I would also like to know what’s in it for the resettlement agency (aka refugee employment service)?

I’m pretty cynical these days so this brings to mind the concept of modern day slavery!

If anyone can answer my questions, or convince me this isn’t what I think it is, I look forward to your response.  If you don’t want to send a comment for the public to read, please e-mail me privately at Ann@vigilantfreedom.com

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