Chesler: Some western countries wising up about immigrant barbarism

On the heels of the news from France last week that Sarkozy was demanding that Muslim immigrants respect French cultural  and legal practices that give rights to women and others, Phyllis Chesler tells us that Canada too is firming up its legal stance against mostly Muslim practices that brutalize women.  Hat tip:  Jawa Report

The Canadian government has just revamped its citizenship guide for immigrants. The document is titled “The Rights and Responsibilities of Canadian Citizenship.” According to Canada’s National Post:

“In Canada, men and women are equal under the law,” the document says. “Canada’s openness and generosity do not extend to barbaric cultural practices that tolerate spousal abuse, ‘honour killings,’ female genital mutilation or other gender-based violence. Those guilty of these crimes are severely punished under Canada’s criminal laws.”

Western governments are beginning to wake up to dangerous or “barbaric” practices among immigrants—especially among Muslim immigrants. Whether such practices are pre-Islamic, non-Islamic, even anti-Islamic (and people have argued all of the above), the truth is that certain “barbaric” practices are most often committed by Muslims against Muslims. Sikhs and Hindus, to a much lesser extent, also commit honor murders.

Some scholars argue that the Qu’ran specifically supports and inspires such practices; other scholars argue the opposite case. One must note that Islam has, so far, failed to educate against or abolish certain “barbarisms,” and has, instead, enshrined them in state shari’a law in Muslim states such as Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Somalia, and Sudan.

But something new may finally be afoot.

Read on, there is lots more!

Interesting that this comes to us on the heels of several cases of violence  by Muslim men against women, not the least of which is Major Hasan’s Jihad against women (including one pregnant woman) at Ft. Hood.  Then we have the recent confirmed honor killing in Arizona.  And, possible Somali honor killings in Colorado and Missouri.

So, what I would like to know is are we going to take a stand like Canada and France?

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