French President: France is in danger of losing its soul

President Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking yesterday at a briefing that was supposed to be centered on farm subsidies launched into a defense of France’s historical and cultural core and said that because of multiculturalism’s support of radical Islam France was in danger of losing its soul.  Hat tip:  Jerry Gordon.

Ken Timmerman writing at Newsmax reports Sarkozy’s speech and gives us encouragement that the Sarkozy government is fighting back and hopefully so will we!  And to my friend in Australia, so can you!

Recalling the worst moments of the Nazi occupation during World War II, Sarkozy said the French discovered that they had a national soul only when they were about to lose it.


Sarkozy suggested that France could be on the verge of losing its soul because of a multiculturalism that tolerates radical Islamic fundamentalism.

Immigrants refuse to become French.

Sarkozy warned that many of his fellow citizens have lost touch with the values that gave rise to the republic through a blind embrace of secular culture. No one should confuse the separation of church and state as the denial of religion or religiosity, Sarkozy insisted.

“There is not a single free thinker, Freemason, or atheist who doesn’t feel the tug of a Christian heritage that has left so many deep furrows in the French mind-set,” he said.

At the heart of the identity crisis plaguing today’s France is a significant immigrant population that refuses to become French, and a multicultural left that has allowed them to live isolated in ghettoes for decades, where many have fallen prey to Muslim preachers of hate.

If only we had a Sarkozy!

“France does not demand that you give up your history or your culture,” Sarkozy said. “But France demands of those who would link their fates to hers to also share her history and her culture. France is not hodgepodge of communities or individuals. . . Becoming French means accepting a form of civilization, values, and customs.”

Sarkozy’s definition of those values left no ambiguity from which direction he felt the danger was coming: “France is a country where women are free. France is a country where church is separate from state, and where the beliefs of each person are respected.

“But France is also a country where there is no room for the burka, and where there is no room for the subjugation of women under any circumstance or pretext.”

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