Australia: working all the angles to get in

Here is an informative piece from Australia a country which is going through some serious national soul searching about that ship being held at sea with 70 plus Sri Lankan (maybe Tamil Tigers) “refugees” on board, at least I think the standoff is continuing.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

On a trip to Pakistan earlier this year, I was amazed at how sophisticated the knowledge of Western migration rules was among the locals. One postgraduate student regaled me with the minute details of the Canadian points system, which he felt was more relaxed than Australia’s.

A taxi driver lamented the growing barriers to entering Britain, which was once seen as a relatively easy option. A considerable number asked about gaining entry by claiming political asylum. Australia was universally seen as highly desirable but difficult to enter. New Zealand was often seen as the gateway country.

It is a pattern is likely to be repeated throughout Asia and an indication of how desperate many people are to reach the developed world. It’s also an indication that as soon as there is a perception of a weak spot in the migration rules, you can bet knowledge of it spreads like wildfire.

The two biggest news stories relating to immigration this year relate to international students and asylum seekers.

Check out the many angles the desparate are using to get into a first world country, but place this scary prospect in the back of your mind as the Copenhagan global warming conference approaches.

If even modest predictions regarding climate change come to light, the debate over what constitutes an environmental refugee will also heat up, possibly further extending the category.

Environmental refugees!  Ahhhhhh!

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