Afghan refugee teens dumped in Swedish forest

Apparently human traffickers are to blame for this shocking story.

After more than two weeks in a hidden room in a container and many hardships, five refugee boys were dumped in the forest on Christmas eve.

The five boys were left alone in the forest outside Sävsjö, in south Sweden´s inland. For map click here. It is most likely that human trafficing is behind the case.

The boys were initally lost in the slowy (snowy?) forest but after a while they found their way by following a railway. Now they have been taken cared of by the Church Höglandskyrkan in Sävsjö.

The five boys are between 14 and 18 years old. They come from Afghanistan and they hardly speak any English at all.

More Muslim teens for Sweden—good luck with that!  See just one conflict here involving Swedish teens and Iraqi teens.

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