Maybe Temporary Protected Status for Haitians has not yet been approved by the Administration

Update:  It is definite, TPS has been granted as of this past Tuesday, here.

A couple of days ago I reported that it had been approved, but I might be wrong.  This article, granted it’s a couple of days old, says that the Obama Administration only halted deportations of illegal Haitians and had not yet decided on TPS.  Note that it looks like New York Senator Gillibrand is behind this one.   From The Hill:

New York Sen.Kirsten Gillibrand (D), whose state contains one of the nation’s highest Haitian populations, called on the Obama administration to grant Haitian nationals in the U.S. temporary protected status (TPS) so that they are not made to return to their home country.

The Department of Homeland Security halted deportations to Haiti on Wednesday, but an official told The Hill that TPS remains “within the range of consideration.”

Has anyone seen anything official about Temporary Protected Status for Haitians?

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