Temporary Protected Status for Haitians approved

Update:  Temporary Protected Status confirmed in Wall Street Journal article today.

Update January 16th:  I think I read this wrong, here is a report from The Hill that says TPS for Haitians had not yet been decided!

That means that Haitians presently in the US can all stay for now.  From the New York Times:

The Department of Homeland Security said it was halting the deportations of Haitians back to the island “for the time being.” Refugee and immigration rights groups said the United States should grant temporary protective status that would allow Haitians who are now in the United States to stay here.

Here is more information on how the program works.  I previously mentioned temporary protected status regarding Liberians, here.   The Obama Administration did extend the time they are allowed to stay in the US.

Further information on TPS, here, at Center for Immigration Studies.

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