Sweden rattled by Somali militants in its midst

That is the title of this AP story today from Scandinavia  to which 40,000 Somalis have migrated in the last 20 years.   It is the same old story as the one we have become familiar with in American cities, most notably Minneapolis.  The Jihadist group Al-Shabab is recruiting, but apparently the Swedes have even less power to stop them than we do and are thus relying on other Somalis to talk them out of going to Africa.

Al-Shabab, which wants to install strict Islam in Somalia, controls much of the desert nation’s southern region and large parts of the capital. Intelligence officials say it is recruiting foreign fighters, including from the Somali diaspora in Europe and North America. U.S. authorities say as many as 20 recruits have left Minnesota.

In Sweden, police say they can do little to stop them leaving for Somalia unless they can prove that they are conspiring to commit terrorism. Unlike the U.S., Sweden has not put al-Shabab on any terrorism list.

“Legally you can’t prosecute anyone, neither the youth nor those who urged them to go,” said Johnny Lindh, police superintendent in the precinct that includes Rinkeby.

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