Gang violence in Palestinian “refugee camps”

Cities such as Nablus are not “refugee camps” despite all the best efforts from western media to have us think so.  Now we hear that the poor “refugees” are shooting at each other.  Wonder why we don’t see stories about organized crime and gang violence in the so-called “occupied territories” very often in US news?  All we hear is how the Israelis persecute the “refugees.”

From The World Tribune:

RAMALLAH — The economic capital of the Palestinian Authority remains a center of unrest.

Despite increased security, the northern city of Nablus has faced threats from armed gangs linked to the ruling Fatah movement. Palestinian sources said most of the violence stemmed from organized crime and attempts to extort businessmen and other residents.


On Sept. 24, Fatah-aligned gunmen opened fire toward the Jaffa Cultural Center in a refugee camp east of Nablus.


The Balata refugee camp has long been the battleground of crime cells linked to Fatah and other Palestinian factions.


The sources said Nablus has been divided into areas controlled by Fatah and the rival Hamas movement. The city, supported by the United States in promoting Western-style culture and tourism in the PA, has been headed by a Hamas mayor.

And, your tax dollars support all this!

Why don’t we hear much about Islamic factions fighting each other in the so-called “occupied territories?”  It’s because it doesn’t fit the Lefts’ narrative of who the good guys and the bad guys should be!

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