Obama greeted by former refugee protesters in Philadelphia

Here is a story that didn’t make the mainstream media news this week.  The Obama Administration is in the process of aggressively deporting refugees who have committed crimes in the US.   I previously reported the story about the Philadelphia Cambodians here.

This is from a website called “Citizen Orange.”  It’s probably some Far Left Open Borders website, but I’m going to surprise readers and suggest that I have some sympathy for refugees who committed small crimes long ago (assuming we are being told the whole story!) and have established productive lives.  Imagine if you came to the US as a child, speak English and perhaps none of your native tongue, and are deported and literally dropped off in what is now a foreign country and expected to fend for yourself.

Honestly, readers know me, I’m the first to say let’s enforce the law, but I don’t get what Obama is doing with this.  He doesn’t want to close the border to illegal aliens but his administration is eager to deport some legal immigrant who committed a small crime years ago, served his prison sentence, reentered the community and did not commit another crime since his first offense and he will be just dropped off in Phnom Penh leaving a wife and kids on welfare in Philly.

There has to be more to this story, if anyone knows please let me know.  The suggestion by the author of this posting that this is the Obama administration’s attempt to look tough on immigration in advance of the elections seems to me ridiculous.  They could have chosen a more clearcut way to prove a newfound toughness.

From “Citizen Orange:”

Survivors of the Cambodian genocide who came to the U.S. as child refugees are now being deported by the Obama administration for crimes committed in the U.S. years ago. These refugees are longtime permanent residents who have reintegrated into their Philadelphia communities after release from prison. Many have U.S. citizen wives and children. Some have started small businesses. The Obama administration has the discretion to exercise lenience in cases of compelling humanitarian or family interest like these, but is more interested in appearing tough on immigration ahead of the elections.

A group of the refugees’ family members and supporters confronted President Obama on his visit to northwest Philadelphia on Sunday, spelling out the message “STOP DEPORTING REFUGEES” to his motorcade as it passed by on the way to a rally in support of Democratic candidates in Pennsylvania.


President Obama didn’t acknowledge the suffering of the families gathered at his rally on Sunday, hoping to catch his attention. The government has remained silent about its recent campaign against the Cambodian community in Philadelphia.

Again, I don’t get it.  What is up with this?  What is up with Obama?

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