Comment worth noting: Reader tells us we need to comment on DNA testing regulations

Update:  More on the regulations and how the Open Borders groups are not happy with DNA testing of Africans, here.

Yesterday reader Tony Lee posted this comment here on the Somali brothers food stamp scam post.

Regarding the regulation opening up “family reunification” for refugees, readers are invited to comment at the federal register website or simply by sending an e-mail to (Subject line must read: DS-7656 AOR).
a week or so remains to comment.

This regulation will open a mini floodgate of fraudsters. Commentors may ask :

1. Why aren’t refugees who petition for relatives via the I-730* program being tested?

2. Why aren’t refugees who petition for relatives via non-refugee programs being tested?

3. Why must the taxpayer pay instead of the so-called “sponsors”?

4. Why is the original family unit not being tested for relationship?

federal reg is here

See this Center for Immigration Studies summary of the regulations for more ideas on what issues to raise. 

* I-730’s are visa applications for relatives of those who came as asylees.  This is a potentially huge pool of immigrants as the granting of asylum is now a flood after having been a trickle for many years.   Here is one of only a few explanations I found.  In laymen’s terms, an African (Aunt Zeituni! or any alien) who comes illegally across our border and is granted asylum can apply for relatives to follow who will, under the new regulations, not be required to supply a DNA sample.  I note in scouting around that there are lawyers ready and willing to help with the paperwork!

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