Challenge to Victor and Newsome

Update August 19th:  Victor has declined my invitation (see comments) and has signed off.  Still no word from Newsome.  Some people are really good at taking shots, but have little interest in discussing what they would do about the problems with the refugee program.   Any other commenters who wish to answer my challenge below and tell readers why the average American taxpayer should be paying for the program, please do.

Update August 16th:   It’s 8:30 p.m. and I came home today eagerly looking for a piece from Victor or Newsome, but alas, nothing!    Will get back to posting in the morning.

Update August 14th:   It is 7 a.m. and dead silence from Victor and Newsome or anyone wishing to take up my challenge to write a thoughtful piece on why average middle class Americans should have to support tens of thousands of refugees with their tax dollars.   Offer is still open, but I am away for a few days and may not have any internet access, so unless I get lucky, I may not be posting comments until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Update:  It’s noon on Saturday the 13th, still no opinion piece from these guys (girls?).

Victor and Newsome are a couple of commenters here (that is the post about the London race riots).   They are into that personal attack thing (you know we are all a bunch of racists and haters, blah, blah blah) but I seriously want one or both of them to write a guest column for tomorrow.  Below is my challenge, but if any other readers would like to take a stab at it, please do so.

Hey Victor and Newsome, I got a challenge for you. How about you write an opinion piece for me to post tomorrow and tell me why my neighbors (farmers, fire fighters, truck drivers and hairdressers) should have their federal tax dollars used to support third world refugees like the family that went to Memphis last week (posted this morning).

I am serious, instead of attacking me and people like me (it’s prejudiced you know), tell our readers in a thoughtful piece why federal/state tax dollars should go for refugee resettlement. Tell us why it’s a good thing to take money from regular folks for this purpose when in fact those people are giving to all sorts of charities of their own choice (church, Red Cross, Boys and Girls Club, etc.) already.

There are a couple of rules, first you can’t call anyone names (you know all that “racist” crap) and attack people personally. And, secondly, you can’t use some religious argument because we all know that any church, synagogue or mosque can sponsor a family and fully care for them on their own dime (also individuals like you can sponsor a family and take care of their needs as your personal charity).

I don’t believe the founding fathers ever intended for the US government to redistribute hard earned money from one group to another with the money passing through the federal treasury. Do you?

So, write a serious piece and explain to our readers your view on the issue of refugee resettlement…. but you gotta write it tonight or early tomorrow so I can post it before I go away.

Mail it in the body of an e-mail to

Somali family of 12 arrives in Memphis, TN

….and we are assured by Michael Allen of Catholic Charities of West Tennessee that the oldest son in the family (a 20 year old) will get a job (maybe a menial job) and provide for the family of TWELVE!  Who is he kidding!    (Dad will arrive from Africa at a later date we are told).

Watch the clip from WREG News-3 here.

The mother of the family is 39 years old and the children range in age from a 1 year-old to the 20-year-old.  (maybe Dad should stay in Africa!).   All 12 live in a 3 bedroom apartment (probably a city housing code violation, but at least a violation of the contract Catholic Charities signs with the US State Department that funds Catholic Charities).

New readers:  these Catholic agencies are not paying for most of this out of the kindness of parishioners’ charitable pocketbooks—they are paid by the US taxpayer and within a few months this family of 12 will be cut loose to sink or swim in the welfare system of Tennessee.   Here is the most recent Form 990 for Catholic Charities of West TN.   Their gross receipts were $4,269,096 and $2,112,095 came from government grants.  Over $2 million goes to salaries and benefits for employees.