Guy with a knife stabs gas delivery man in New Jersey, victim in critical condition

So, what is so interesting about that you ask?  His name is Abdulrahim Sulaiman, sound familiar?   Well, it did to sharp-eyed reader Heroyalwhyness.   Abdulrahim Sulaiman nearly killed a man at a gas station by stabbing him in the neck and back this morning.   And, Abdulrahim Sulaiman was the name of the immigrant (name sounds Somali) found in a New York Elementary School in 2010 with a knife.   Coincidence or the same guy?   What do you think?  Both knife-wielding men hailed from Bridgeport, CT.

Here is the New Jersey story today, Abdulrahim Sulaiman was struck by a car when he abandoned his car and tried to run across a highway.  It is not believed that Sulaiman knew his victim (sudden jihad-syndrome? celebrating Ramadan maybe?).

BORDENTOWN TOWNSHIP — A Connecticut man was struck by a vehicle on Interstate 295 on Friday morning after allegedly stabbing a fuel delivery driver at a nearby gas station, authorities said.

Abdulrahim Sulaiman, 25, of Bridgeport, was hit about 6:30 a.m. on the northbound side of the highway near the Route 206 interchange.

New Jersey State Police troopers responded to a report of an injured person on the highway and found Sulaiman unconscious with leg and back injuries, state police spokesman Sgt. Stephen Jones said.

He was taken to Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Trenton with several broken bones.

“He’s expected to make it,” Jones said.

The stabbing occurred about 30 minutes beforehand at the Valero gas station on Route 206 in Mansfield.

Joel Bewley, spokesman for the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office, said a 43-year-old deliveryman was filling the station tanks when Sulaiman exited a station bathroom and stabbed him in the neck, shoulder and back.

Sulaiman also attacked a station attendant who tried to assist the driver, but the attendant managed to escape unharmed, Bewley said.

The deliveryman, who was not identified, was also taken to Capital Health in Trenton. He was listed in critical condition Friday afternoon, but is expected to live, Bewley said.

And, here is a portion of the 2010 story I posted.

PIERMONT — A Connecticut man found trespassing Wednesday at a South Orangetown elementary school was arrested at a nearby store while carrying a knife, police said.

Abdulrahim Sulaiman, 23, [no hint of his ethnicity, but sounds Somali] of Bridgeport had already entered the main lobby of Tappan Zee Elementary School before 8 a.m. Wednesday, when he was spotted by school officials, police said.

After a call from Principal William Lee, police officers from Piermont and Orangetown arrived and arrested Sulaiman at a nearby convenience store.

Police said Sulaiman was carrying a gravity knife at the time of his arrest. The knife is similar to a switchblade.

In the 2010 incident Sulaiman told authorities he was looking for Ft. Dix in New Jersey.  Note at my old post that a reader commented that he worked with Mr. Sulaiman at Ft. Dix and said he was a great guy!  He said Sulaiman was “verbally lynched by a no-nothing media and internet mob”—meaning us of course.

The scene of the stabbing today is only a short distance from Ft. Dix where we train soldiers on the way to Iraq and Afghanistan.

I wonder if the International Institute in Bridgeport, CT got him his job at Ft. Dix?

Feds issue more foreign work permits than there are jobs!

NumbersUSA points out an interesting statistic.

So, you are excited that some jobs were created in July!  Well, guess what — there are more foreign work permits issued each month then there are jobs created.

And, something that has never made sense to me is why the federal refugee contractors who find it harder and harder to find jobs for refugees never speak up—-against the special work permits for immigrants or the job losses to refugees because illegal immigrants take those jobs!

From NumbersUSA (emphasis mine):

While the nation has been transfixed by the recent debt ceiling debate, 22 million Americans have continued their search for a full-time job. Now that a compromise on the debt ceiling has been reached, Members of both parties are promising to get back to work creating jobs. Yet their promises are hard to believe considering both parties have refused to act on one of the most pressing job-related issues — lowering annual immigration levels.

A report in today’s Wall Street Journal brings some hope to the jobs market — 114,000 private sector jobs unofficially created in July — but if true, that number still falls short of the number of jobs needed for the 125,000 work permits issued to foreign workers each month by the federal government.

Read it all.

Saturday night: Fox News special on honor killing

On National Review’s Corner Jack Fowler posts a notice  of a one-hour Fox News special program on honor killing in America on Saturday, August 6, at 10pm eastern time. Fox’s description of the program refers to the killing of 20-year-old Noor Almaleki, who was run over in an Arizona parking lot by her father in 2009. We posted on the case here and elsewhere, and here are all our posts on honor killing.