Looks like the Jersey knife-wielding attacker was an Iraqi; worked for military contractor

Remember the story about Abdulrahim Sulaiman which we first reported here in January 2010 when he was caught with a knife in a suburban New York school (said he was lost trying to find Ft. Dix).   Then he turned up again most recently here in South Jersey where he nearly killed a man in what authorities suggest was a purely random attack.   Well, this is the latest, not a Somali at all, but an Iraqi in the US legally (therefore a refugee!).

Funny we just learned how awful it is that we aren’t bringing Iraqis to the US fast enough according to a Tennessean report I just posted this morning.

From Phillyburbs.com  (Hat tip: wtd2):

MOUNT HOLLY — A Connecticut man struck on Interstate 295 after allegedly attacking two men at a Mansfield gas station admitted that he stabbed one of the victims, according to authorities, who asked that his $1 million bail remain during a court hearing Monday.

Abdulrahim Sulaiman, 25, of Bridgeport, had his first appearance in Superior Court since his arrest Aug. 5 after the serious crash on the highway in Bordentown Township.

After about a week’s stay in the hospital, Sulaiman, who was temporarily living in Pemberton Township, was sent to Burlington County Jail on two counts of first-degree attempted murder.

Superior Court Judge Jeanne T. Covert ordered that he be held on $1 million bail and have no contact with the victims if he makes bail.

Sulaiman admitted to authorities that he stabbed a fuel deliveryman at the Valero gas station on Route 206 in Mansfield, but his motive for what authorities described as a random attack was still unclear, Burlington County Assistant Prosecutor John Brennan said.

Sulaiman is not a United States citizen, but is in the country legally, Brennan said. He has ties to Iraq and a juvenile record, he said.   [LOL! “ties to Iraq”—they can’t even tell the public that he must be an Iraqi refugee originally resettled in Bridgeport, CT by the US State Department.]

Worked for Defense Department contractor!

At the time of the alleged attacks, Sulaiman was working at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst for defense subcontractor Akima Logistics, which is located on the base.

On Wednesday, Neal Cooksey, senior corporate counsel for Akima,  confirmed that Sulaiman has worked on the base at various times since November 2010 and was an employee at the time of the attack.  [So they didn’t know about his arrest in New York in January 2010 when they hired him?]

Cooksey said Sulaiman was a role player in training exercises to help troops preparing to deploy overseas. Role players help simulate conditions the troops may encounter. Akima Logistics is “a major provider of role-player and foreign-language-speaking training support at U.S. Army installations,” according to its website.

Sulaiman was off-duty when the alleged attacks occurred and is now suspended without pay while company officals investigate, Cooksey said. He said Akima has zero-tolerance for workplace violence or weapons on the base.

After the Kentucky Iraqi refugee alleged terrorists arrest we learned that the FBI was going to re-screen all the Iraqi refugees—note to the FBI, you can start here with Sulaiman.

Where is Matthew Lee?    It just ticks me off!  AP reporter Lee wrote a complaining article every month FOR MONTHS at the end of the Bush Administration and the refrain was always the same—bad Bush, bad US, not bringing Iraqis in fast enough.  Where is he now, why don’t we ever hear any mainstream media reports (besides local papers) on people like Sulaiman?  Where are the real investigative reporters?

Iraqi refugee: I need to see my mommy and daddy

Here is an article from The Tennessean this week (from the same reporter who did a hatchet job on Brigitte Gabriel and the American Congress for Truth recently) that will make your blood boil.

Seems we are supposed to have sympathy for the budget cuts (that means the flow of your money to the “church” federal contractors which resettle refugees in your towns and cities) and resultant lay-offs due to enhanced security checks for refugees.  For new readers, resettlement contractors are paid by the head—more refugees they resettle more tax dollars they receive.

And, remember it was only earlier this summer when two Iraqis were arrested in nearby Kentucky on terrorism charges, but reporter Smietana doesn’t mention that. (What! Smietana doesn’t know how to google?).

It’s all just boohoo, refugee agencies don’t have money and Iraqis like this guy (who looks to be at least in his 30s) is stamping his feet and wanting to know when mommy and daddy will get here from Iraq!

From The Tennessean:

When Ahmed Ahmed left his home in Iraq as a refugee in 2008, he hoped his parents and sister would follow him soon.

Three years later, Ahmed, former translator for Iraq’s ministry of defense, is living in Nashville, and they are still in Baghdad.

“The wait is killing me,” Ahmed said.

The number of refugees being resettled in Nashville has slowed dramatically because of federal regulations enacted this year. The regulations are designed to weed out refugees who might pose a security risk, but they’ve left refugees like Ahmed waiting to reunite with family. And they’ve left charities that resettle refugees with six-figure budget deficits.

The Nashville office of World Relief, a Christian nonprofit, had expected to resettle about 550 refugees from Iraq, Bhutan, Myanmar and other countries this year. The slowdown has reduced that figure to about 430.

Since the charity receives government funding for each refugee, that has meant about $105,000 in budget cuts, said Nathan Kinser, director of World Relief’s Nashville office.

The charity made the budget cuts by not replacing employees who resigned.


Catholic Charities in Nashville has seen a similar slowdown. It had hoped to resettle about 600 refugees. But its numbers are off by about 30 percent this year, said Kellye Branson, director of Refugee Services for Catholic Charities of Tennessee Inc., prompting budget cuts of about $125,000 and some layoffs.

Readers, go have a look at Catholic Charities of Tennessee’s Form 990 for 2010.   They had an income of $13,245,078 (yes millions of dollars) and $10,300,875 (yes, over $10 million came from taxpayer funding).  That amounts to 78% of their annual budget is paid by you!   So they are whining about losing $125,000 dollars in funding this year—so if my math is correct that amounts to a lose of less than 1% of their government-funded support!

World Relief in Nashville must be funded through the national World Relief headquarters in Maryland where the organization gets $32,701,335 ($32 MILLION DOLLARS FROM TAXPAYERS) and its CEO, Sammy Mah, is paid $323,302 in annual salary and benefits (LOL! Doing well by doing good!)  By the way, its highest paid contractor (for services) is $772,543 to something called True Sense Marketing (must be a PR firm).   See their most recent Form 990 here.  And, they are whining about losing $105,000 in funding.  Maybe Sammy and other 6-figure employees could chip in a little of their money—you know redistribute the wealth to the poor and suffering refugees like Ahmed!

So we are told that Ahmed, who had been working as a translator for the Iraqi defense department (and has his daughter here with him) doesn’t “understand” why it’s taking so long?  Come on Smietana, who do you think you are talking to with this silly reporting?

Ahmed said he doesn’t understand why the refugee resettlement process is taking so long. He just wants to see the rest of his family.

“I need to see my mom and dad,” he said.

Want to learn more about Iraqi refugees, see our previous 503 posts on them here.

No wonder the UK is such a mess: Somali family gets taxpayer-funded 7-bedroom home

This can’t be true, but here is the story posted (with photos of the mansion) in The Mail yesterday.

That Somali family of 12 we told you about a few days ago in Memphis, TN only got a 3-bedroom apartment.

From The Mail:

They say beggars can’t be choosers.

But in the case of jobless Somali refugee Saeed Khaliif and his family, it seems they can.

The Mail yesterday revealed how the Khaliifs have been given a £2million home in one of London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, with taxpayers funding their £8,000-a-month rent.


The family had rejected a previous six-bedroom home in Coventry – where the bill for the public would have been a more reasonable £1,000 a month – simply because they wanted to live ‘closer to their friends’.


On top of their free accommodation, the family is also thought to be eligible for a raft of benefits including incapacity benefit, income support and child benefit, which could potentially add many thousands of pounds to their monthly haul from the taxpayer.

The Khaliifs and their brood of children – eight youngsters have been seen at the property – fled war-torn Somalia and arrived in Britain about three years ago as asylum-seekers.

Since then, they are believed to have been granted refugee status, allowing them to claim benefits. Speaking via his children, who act as translators, Mr Khaliif said he had not worked since arriving in the UK and admitted he was on benefits.

I think the Brits need a TEA Party!

For more information, readers might want to revisit this June post about how some Somalis cheat their way into the UK.