Norway’s Muslim girls not protected by the government

That is according to a recent report from CBN News:

OSLO, Norway — It’s been almost a month since innocent Norwegians were killed by a lunatic obsessed with the threat of Islam.

But the terrible tragedy has not stopped civil debate in Norway over the impact of Muslim immigration.

Several weeks before the massacre in Norway, CBN News travelled to Oslo to investigate reports that that nation’s experiment with Muslim immigration and multiculturalism had gone terribly wrong, that Muslim radicalism was growing along with violence and intimidation against non-Muslims.

Islamists Target Women

In the wake of the killings, some on Norway’s political left call the fear of Islamization a “conspiracy theory.”

However, there are real victims – and they are mostly Norway’s women. Norway has never faced such problems before.

Even though Norway is a democracy, some Norwegian women do not have full rights. They are denied them by their families, and they live in fear for their lives.

At the Red Cross office in Oslo, Monica Berge-Tukh and Anne Marte Stifjeld take calls from Norwegian girls who face honor violence, forced marriage or genital mutilation.

Read it all.  One of the most shocking cases described involves little girls returned to Gambia for female genital mutilation.

Lebanon: Nah, we don’t want any permanent Palestinian “refugees” either

All Middle Eastern (Muslim) countries know they need to go along with the plan—no permanent home for any Palestinian so-called “refugees” because then they won’t be able to harass and pressure Israel or get the western bucks for Gaza.

From the Palestinian News Agency:

BEIRUT, August 16, 2011 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas and his Lebanese counterpart Michel Suleiman Tuesday asserted their total rejection to permanent resettlement of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

In a meeting in the Lebanese Presidential Palace, Abbas said, “The Palestinian refugees’ existence in Lebanon is temporary, which is under the Lebanese law.”

He added, “Palestinian refugees are temporary guests, who abide by the Lebanese law and Sovereignty. We believe that there are no Palestinian weapons to protect Palestinians, but they are under the protection of Lebanon.”

Temporarily that is.

This reminds me that I haven’t watched “We Con the World” lately.  If you haven’t seen it (or even if you have!) watch it here.