Archbishop of Miami: bring more refugees….

…..we need the money!  He didn’t say that last part, but I have become so cynical that is how I read his plea.  Boo hoo! Only 54,000 last fiscal year.

Here at Local 10 News:

This is the reality experienced today by the ever growing numbers of migrants and refugees throughout the world. Indeed, the United Nations estimates that there are today in the world 11 million refugees – most surviving in desperate circumstances. And, truth be told, many fail to survive at all. Yet, in spite of this profound human suffering, doors are shut in the faces of those looking for a durable solution to their plight in a third country. For example, last year the United States admitted barely 54,000 refugees for resettlement, down from 74,000 the previous year. This is a disturbing trend in light of the enormous need internationally.  [If we brought 150,000 refugees, I have a feeling the good Archbishop would be saying he wanted 250,000.  Whatever the number it wouldn’t be too many!—ed]


Congress has authorized the admissions of up to 75,000 refugees in 2012 fiscal year. Security concerns should not be used as a “smoke screen” to mask bureaucratic inertia which threatens to leave these slots unfilled.

With good will, good management, and sufficient resources, it is possible to expand our admissions with no danger to our security.

“Sufficient resources” of course come through the federal government directly from the taxpayer and to the Catholic Church.

And, as if Florida doesn’t have enough refugees already!  It is in the top 6 refugee receiving states in the US.  Here is a good survey from the Migration Information Source dated August 2011 about recent refugee resettlement.

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