Bloomberg writer posits that more ingredients in a recipe makes for a better stew and so does more immigration to America


This is just a ridiculous analogy and would not be worth even a mention if it weren’t for the huge number of commenters (with entertaining things to say) blasting the author’s conclusions and demonstrating the good sense of Americans generally.

Noah Smith

Here is Noah Smith’s opening paragraph of Best Immigration Policy Is More Immigration (hat tip: Paul):

In my family, we have a cooking technique that is especially useful for making stews and other mixed-ingredient dishes. If there is ever doubt as to whether or not to add more of an ingredient — onions, olive oil, Cholula sauce — we err on the side of adding more. This approach has long been my default attitude toward immigration — more is better.

There is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about assimilation and whether well-educated immigrants assimilate better than the uneducated.  The author does say that maybe we shouldn’t have so many uneducated ones.  And concludes with this:

So it would seem to be a good idea for us to tilt our immigration policy toward more skills-based immigration. When it comes to the “More!” cooking technique, high-skilled immigrants are the ingredient that goes well with any dish.

Brilliant, isn’t it!

Bloomberg commenters were having none of it.  As of this writing, there are 500 of them.  Some are hilarious!

Here is the latest one (an hour ago as I post this):

Jim:  It’s unbelievable how many idiots there are in the world, and how many of those idiots are in the media profession.

Somalis cook too!

And, LOL!, here is one involving another cooking technique!  Somali refugees in America like cooking too—roast lamb in this case!

Susan Betts (responding to Dave Kelly):

Having been someone that worked with the influx of Somali folks that came in this country in the 90’s these idealistic people have no idea in so far as practical application what they are talking about. Most are very very unskilled, don’t speak English well enough, don’t understand the basics requirements of what a land lord will require of them and don’t care. I had one land lord end his participation in the county program for housing because these people built fires to roast lambs in the middle of the living room and would not stop. It damaged his property so badly that he ended up suing the county. They ignore occupancy laws and many many other things that would take forever to itemize. I think you get my drift. There assimilation was all federal, state and county funded once those dollars were gone it has been a real mess. I am speaking for Ohio and Minnesota.

First month of FY2015, Iraqis top the list of refugees resettled by US State Department

The Refugee Processing Center is the keeper of the US State Department’s statistics on refugees arriving in the US. I am asked all the time, do they keep records of religions, and the answer is yes, but those stats are not available to the general public. Only special people have that access.

October 31st marked the end of the first month of Fiscal Year 2015.  You can have a look at which refugees the US State Department has admitted in those 31 days by clicking here.

Topping the list is Iraq with 1,790 Iraqis going to your towns and cities.

The next five after Iraq are as follows:

Burma:  1,240

Somalia:  871

DR Congo:  625

Bhutan:  370

Iran:  309

And, so far 51 Syrians entered the US in this fiscal year.

By the way, do you see the table listed here entitled: Arrivals by State and Country (Posted after the 5th of the following month).  It is virtually useless to you because the refugees’ nationalities are not given, only the processing country.  So if you look at Minnesota for instance, you can be sure MN got some of those Somalis, but Somalia isn’t listed.  Much to my surprise South Africa is listed! 

WTH, surely we aren’t bringing persecuted white South Africans, but I will bet you a buck we are bringing some of the unwanted Somalis from the RAINBOW NATION!  48 went to Minnesota in just the last month!  So much for South Africa’s image as a welcoming country!

Just one more example of how the State Department keeps information from the general public:  there previously was a data table available for which refugees went to which CITIES, but that is no longer listed as available to you (or me).  You can be sure they have that information!

Remember Obama is shooting for 70,000 total refugees for the year, but dissatisfied resettlement contractors, like the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, are looking for 100,000.

Calais, France: Syrians demand entry into the UK

Syrians march for right to enter UK

This is an update on the Calais story we have followed for a few years (we have one post as long ago as 2009).  Asylum seekers are holed-up near the port of Calais and demanding that the UK open its doors to them.

Never mind that they got into Europe through some other safe country and should have applied for asylum there, or at least they could apply in France.

But, no, they want the UK and are demanding it.

From Liveleak:

Dozens walked to the ferry terminals over the weekend, unsuccessfully attempting to deliver a letter to UK immigration authorities.

One of the group told the Express: “It was the fourth day of our peaceful protest to ask for safe and legal access to the UK to claim asylum.

“We decided to walk to the port to deliver our letter directly to UK immigration authorities.

I wonder, if there were no “journalists” or “others with cameras” egging them on, would their protest even happen?

“As we were accompanied by journalists and others with cameras we were given no problems by police on our walk to the port.

They were turned away by security guards.

“We are very disappointed to not be able to talk with UK authorities in a peaceful and civil manner.

“We will continue our protest tomorrow and thereafter until the UK government listens to our demands.”

See our ‘invasion of Europe’ series by clicking here.