Churches and mosques want more members, look to immigrants/refugees

….but more importantly immigrants are jihadists in Islamic teaching.  And, in my opinion, this form of jihad is the most significant form (more significant than the violent jihad that makes the news) in determining the future of the western world.

I have a couple of articles from this week that I am not going to have the time to pick apart for you.  So please have a look at them yourselves (there must be a PR push on to show how wonderfully immigrants are expanding church and mosque membership rolls).

However, in one of the stories (at Deseret News), near the very end is a quote from an American legal scholar, a Muslim, I wanted to be sure not to skip.

Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im, an Emory law professor, is quoted saying this about mosques:

Law professor Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im: Migration is central to Islam.

An-Na’im said a similar situation [squabbling between churches–ed] can be found in communities of Muslims from various countries. “To assume all Muslims can get along fine is misleading; when you talk about the Claxton and the Somali community, people who share the language, history and culture — (you find) totally isolated Mosques. Some will not enter the next mosque no matter what.”

So all Muslims in America don’t really get along (I think we get that). Was the good professor trying to say all Muslims are just like those church-goers who squabble periodically.

But, they aren’t.  Muslims have a longer world view.  Who cares if they don’t always see eye-to-eye on a daily basis—their end game is the same!

This next quote from An-Na’im, that most of us might think is an insignificant bit of history, is indeed the motivating factor for all Muslim migration in the world, between countries and even between smaller jurisdictions, known as Hijra.

According to the authors of Modern Trojan Horse, the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, Immigration is Jihad and it is incumbent on all Muslims to follow Muhammad’s example.

So here is An-Na’im in what might look like a throwaway line in the Deseret News article.  Was An-Na’im expressing something very important?

In response, An-Na’im mentioned the “centrality of migration in Islam, where the Prophet is the ultimate immigrant.” He said the Muslim calendar commences on the day of Muhammad’s migration (hijira) from Mecca to Medina.

Here is what Solomon and Al Maqdisi say in Trojan Horse (p.14):

(Emphasis is mine)

It has been reported that Muhammad stated, “Migration cannot be ended as long as there is kufr (unbelief)  or as long as there is an enemy that resists.” (kenz al Umal 46274). In other words, as long as there are communities out there that are non-Muslim, where Islam is not regarded as a supreme system, then jihad must continue. Jihad may be manifested in various forms but all of it would have one aim and that is to establish the supremacy of Islam. Hence Muhammad made it clear that migration is a duty that needs to be upheld forever or until the earth has submitted to the Islamic hegemony.

So while churches may wish to see their congregations grow for simple reasons like finances (see the Pittsburgh Burundians I didn’t get time to post on), there is a whole different agenda going on with mushrooming mosques and their growing immigrant Islamic flocks.  Their time table may be a long one, but frankly, they plan to take us over one day.

Get the slim volume, Trojan Horse, and read it a couple of times, and it will quickly give you answers to questions like:  Why are they building so many mosques?  Why are Somalis moving from town to town (they are ‘migrating’ even if it is only between cities)?  Why is there so much self-segregation in Islamic communities in the West (they might be tempted to stray from the Islamic way of life)?  Why don’t countries like Saudi Arabia take in their fellow Muslims (they don’t need to they are already a Muslim country)?  Why do they push for Sharia law accommodations once a population gets even modestly established (they become emboldened as their population grows)? Why are many so ready to live off of Western welfare (you are infidels and as such are expected to support them)?  More?

You get my drift….I now have to get something else done around here!

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CDC Health profiles released for Bhutanese and Congolese refugees in America

The Centers for Disease Control has some reports you might like to see if Bhutanese and/or Congolese refugees are being resettled in your towns.  This could be important information needed by your local health department.

Below is where you can find more information at the CDC website.

The CDC has some great stats, and not just on health issues.

For the Bhutanese the big concerns are nutritional deficiencies, communicable diseases and mental health problems relating to their ability to adjust to living here. (We have already brought over 70,000 Bhutanese/Nepalese to the US).

For the Congolese (we have begun the movement of 50,000 to the US) the big concerns are parasites, Malaria, and mental health problems relating to sexual and gender-based violence.

Gee, I guess Obamacare’s money tree will be taking care of all these problems!   (This post is archived in our ‘health issues’ category).


The refugee health profiles found on this page provide key health and cultural information for specific refugee groups resettling to the United States. Information gathered from the World Health Organization (WHO), International Organization for Migration (IOM), the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), US Department of State, and other sources is provided to help resettlement agencies, clinicians, and public health providers facilitate medical screening and interventions appropriate for each refugee group.

Each profile has six components:

  • priority health conditions
  • background
  • population movements
  • health care and nutrition in camps/urban settings
  • medical screening of US-bound refugees
  • health information

Available refugee health profiles include:

Update from Rome: Tensions high at refugee center, minors evacuated

We reported on Wednesday that local residents in one neighborhood of Rome have had it with the local refugee center claiming the asylum seekers have brought crime to their community.

See our original story here.

Reader ‘pungentpeppers’ spotted this latest news and asks why Italy is even giving refuge to mostly Muslim Egyptians and Bangladeshis. My guess is that—just as is happening in the US with the so-called Unaccompanied Alien Children—everyone who is an economic migrant (not a legitimate refugee) and wanting to get into a first world country these days is claiming they are persecuted and are demanding asylum.  They know how to use that “A” word! Someone has taught them how to use it!

Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino, …the building has been “seriously damaged.” Photo from story about Rome being broke:

From Deutsche Welle:

 On Thursday, workers at a refugee center on the outskirts of Rome reported renewed tensions with local residents, who have been holding violent demonstrations against the foreigners in recent days.

“We are scared. We are trying to find a compromise with the residents,” a center official, Francesco Amato, told the Associated Press news agency. The refugees currently being housed at the facility are reported to be primarily from Egypt and Bangladesh.

Amid the upswing in violence despite a heavy police presence, minors were evacuated from the site.  [The movement of UACs is going on around the world—ed]

A statement from Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino’s office indicated that the building in the eastern suburb of Tor Sapienza had been “seriously damaged,” according to Reuters news agency.

Hostilities escalated on Monday, with protesters throwing stones and bottles at the center as they shouted insults at its residents.

“Rome rejects all forms of violence, racism and xenophobia,” Marino said in the statement.

Conflicting reports have described the protesters in Tor Sapienza, on the one hand, as disgruntled Italian natives whose ire is directed at the government’s insufficient support for the refugees and, on the other, as far-right xenophobes.

For new readers, check our ‘Invasion of Europe’ series for background on how Italy got into this mess in the first place by sending its Navy out to rescue boats filled with illegal aliens coming from North Africa.

Then this about a country in economic turmoil as it is, from DW:

According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Italy will be home to nearly 80,000 refugees and close to 14,000 asylum seekers by January.

For US readers, we are bringing you news from Europe (going over the edge!) so that you know what might be ahead for us as migrant numbers reach a certain critical tipping point.  Will Obama bring us there quickly with his threatened amnesty for millions?

Maine governor re-elected, keeps his word, cuts welfare for illegal aliens, asylum seekers

Longtime readers know we have closely followed the controversy in Maine (archive here) where the state had gained a reputation around the country (and probably the third-world) as the state to go to and apply for asylum.  Why?  Because even as federal law does not say asylum seekers can get welfare during their wait for the legal process to play out, Maine was giving hand-outs to the “undocumented.”

Paul LePage for President? (That little book he is holding is the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution published by the Heritage Foundation.)

Republican Governor LePage vowed to reform Maine’s reputation as the go-to state for taxpayer-funded goodies and he was re-elected in blue New England.

And, btw, it was Maine’s generosity that attracted the first Somalis to Lewiston, Maine.  See our entire Lewiston archive for the mess that created.

Have we found our Marine Le Pen, or Geert Wilders, or Nigel Farage, or Jimmie Akesson, or Matteo Salvini ?

Interesting don’t you think—a whiff of conservatism creeping into New England!

Here is the latest from Reuters:

PORTLAND Maine (Reuters) – Maine’s largest city has begun clamping down on spending as newly re-elected Republican Governor Paul LePage makes good on a campaign promise to cut funding to cities and towns that give aid to undocumented immigrants.

In an internal memo released on Wednesday, Portland city officials said they had frozen hiring and cut travel and overtime spending after their requests for reimbursement from the state for assistance provided to families with children in emergencies had gone unanswered since July.

The budget shortfall could grow to as much as $3 million this year, city officials said, a hefty sum that underscores the increasingly local impact of the tense congressional standoff over national immigration reform.

“We just don’t have that kind of money sitting around, so we need to act prudently,” said city spokeswoman Jessica Grondin. “We’re in a holding pattern until we receive some kind of official response.”

Tea Party-backed LePage, who was re-elected last week with a strong mandate to reform the state’s welfare system, had threatened in June to cut funding to municipalities that give state-reimbursed general assistance to undocumented immigrants.

“Tell your city councilors and selectmen to stop handing out your money to illegals,” LePage said in a radio address.

Then take note of this next paragraph…..

“It basically came down as an edict from the governor,” said municipal association spokesman Eric Conrad. “How can you expect a municipal clerk to determine immigration status when they’ve never done that before, and haven’t been trained?”

Train them!

When I speak with people who know nothing about the immigration horrors going on in America, they are always stunned to learn that NO one EVER asks for documentation relating to immigration status—not colleges accepting students and collecting tuition, not welfare offices, not motor vehicle administration offices and not board of election offices.  I know this from personal experience.  If documentation were required it would cut down ultimately on the number of illegal aliens of all stripes living in America!

Now be sure to go to the Reuters story to see the comments!  As of this writing there are 1,806—mostly supporting the Governor!  And, some suggesting he run for President of the United States.