France’s immigration restrictionist politician, Marine Le Pen, has a bright future

Where is America’s Marine Le Pen?

Le Pen rises!


Although this Harvard publication works really hard to make sure you have a very negative view of her—right down to the fact (supposed fact) that she had a dispute with her farther-to-the-right father over her pet cat.  Really Harvard Political Review, this is beneath you (well, maybe not!).  Imagine ever seeing a story out of Harvard about a Leftwinger like Hillary or Nancy Pelosi and some petty argument with a family member over a household pet.

Before I get to the news.  This is what I want to know? Where is America’s Marine Le Pen? Or Geert Wilders? Or Nigel Farage? Or Jimmie Akesson?

I know Senator Jeff Sessions is a great leader of the immigration restriction movement, but as a US Senator there isn’t a whole lot he can do as a lonely warrior in that body, or as a member of the Republican Party.

Someone has to actually create a competing political party to focus our immigration problem where it should be (in my view)—America’s number one economic, social and national security priority.

Maybe we just haven’t reached the desperate bottom yet as have France, Holland, England or Sweden.

Here is the Harvard Political Review on Le Pen and what they call the “far-right:”

In a recent poll for the French presidential election in 2017, far-right politician Marine Le Pen is polling ahead of the president of France by a whopping eight percentage points. This is the continuation of a long trend that has skyrocketed her party to the top of French politics. Mrs. Le Pen’s numbers indicate that she is very likely to advance to the runoff of the two-round presidential election. The success of Marine Le Pen and her party, the National Front, is surprising considering the extremity of the party’s rhetoric. However, the root of this success lies in the history of France and, in particular, the failure of the French economy.

The article then gives us a whinny-sounding discussion of how France welcomed cheap labor from Africa and now has problems with it.  There is no mention of Muslim supremacists rising, Muslim no-go zones, Muslim youths burning cars in the streets, demands for sharia law or any of the other lovely things brought to first-world countries from Muslim countries (al-Hijra) that might have caused the French electorate to now have second thoughts about any more immigration.

The far right has effectively used this immigration situation as a tool for political gain.  [NO kidding!—ed]

Although she has an eight point lead on the sitting president, Harvard tells us she will have a tougher go against Sarkozy:

Mrs. Le Pen is incredibly powerful now, but she isn’t quite within reach of the presidency yet. She is currently close to former President Sarkozy in the polls. Voters may be more comfortable with Sarkozy because they’ve seen him in power before, but he has already been elected out of office once. According to Mr. Recoing, if Sarkozy beats Le Pen in the presidential election, but fails to help the ailing economy, the French people may turn to someone new. That new person may very well be Marine Le Pen. The political leadership of someone who wishes to destroy the euro and drastically slow immigration could cause a significant shift in the political landscape of Europe.

Yes, and wouldn’t that just maybe save Europe (if it isn’t already too late).

See our series on the ‘Invasion of Europe.’  There is something new to report almost every day!

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