Migrants v. Germans; migrants v. migrants as the joys of diversity arrive in Germany

Invasion of Europe news….

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s migrant fans…..

It had to happen.  You knew it would.
From Breitbart London:

Migrants and locals got into a fight in a restaurant in Bavaria on Sunday, resulting in a 50-year-old German man receiving serious head injuries.

The brawl, which began as an argument between a small group of migrants and local residents eating at a restaurant in the town of Velden, started in the early hours of Sunday morning, according to Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The situation appeared to calm down when the migrants left, but they soon returned with reinforcements.

Around 15 people from the local asylum centre had joined them, with witnesses reporting fist fights and glass bottles being thrown. One witness said the square in front of the restaurant resembled a battlefield, covered in blood.

Six people were injured in the fight, with one 50-year-old German man needing hospital treatment for serious head injuries.

Police arrested a 25-year-old Syrian migrant, but later released him. The investigation continues.

And the brawling wasn’t just migrants v. Germans, but the various diverse ethnic factions entering the country are brawling with each other. Any predictions about where all this will end?

Germany’s police union has previously called for migrants to be separated by country of origin to minimise the risk of inter-ethnic tension.

Coming to a town near you?
More here.
All of our coverage of the ‘Invasion of Europe’ extending back several years may be found by clicking here.  There was time to stop it if there had been a will!

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White House laughing at governors: we will teach you how to use the US State Dept. data base!

I am so good! Snookered you Republican governors again!

Update:  Leo Hohmann has more on the governors here at WND.

The White House is making fun of the governors by offering them information that is readily available to the public already!

I had barely posted this earlier post today, when reader Joanne alerted me to this news.
In a laughable bow to governors’ demands that they be told who is coming to their states and where they will be placed, it appears the magnanimous and transparent (sarcasm alert) White House is going to teach governors how to access the Refugee Processing Center data base (we just used it here in our previous post) so they can know AFTER THE FACT who has been brought into the state by a non-profit group.
Here is the news at KnoxNews (hat tip: Joanne):

WASHINGTON — The White House sought Monday to ease concerns among the nation’s governors about Syrian refugees entering the United States by proposing a new program that would provide regular data on refugees who have settled in their states.

In a letter to Gov. Bill Haslam and other governors, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough defended the refugee vetting process as “extraordinarily thorough and comprehensive.” But McDonough said the administration would be willing to work through the National Governors Association to set up a new system to provide governors with more information about the refugees in their states.

Under the new program, once the State Department receives a governor’s request for data on refugees, it would compile a report tailored to that individual state. The data would include information on refugees resettled in the state during the prior month and the fiscal year to date.

That information is already available to anyone wishing to take the time to access it!
As I said earlier, the governors should be able to call the US State Department every week, as the decisions are being made.  It is outrageous to think that some unelected non-profit group employee is making decisions for state taxpayers.

The US State Department and un-elected non-profits are making the decisions!

President of the Ethiopian Development Council, one of nine major resettlement contractors, knows who is coming to your city in advance when your governor is not permitted to know!

Representatives of the nine contractors*** sit down in the DC area every week and make the decision with the US State Department about where to send refugees!
Go here (official US State Dept. website) if you don’t believe me!  Maybe the governors should demand to have representatives in those meetings as they divvy-up the cases!

Every week, representatives of each of these nine agencies meet to review the biographic information and other case records sent by the overseas Resettlement Support Centers (RSC) to determine where a refugee will be resettled in the United States.

So to re-cap!

David Miliband (former British Foreign Secretary) and now CEO of the International Rescue Committee knows who is coming to your state in advance, the governor is not permitted to know!
Lavinia Limon of USCRI knows in advance, but the governors don’t know.
Erol Kekic and the Rev. McCullough of Church World Service know in advance, but the governors don’t know.
Tsehaye Teferra of the Ethiopian Development Council knows (your governor isn’t permitted to know).
Linda Hartke of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service knows in advance, but the governors don’t!
Mark Hetfield of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society knows in advance, but your governors don’t know.
That is enough, you get the idea!

You didn’t elect these people who are determining the demographic and economic future of your towns and cities!

Be sure to read the whole article, apparently the issue of the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program will be on the agenda of the Winter Meeting of the National Governors Association in Washington, DC, February 20-23.
***The nine federal contractors running the show, as Don Barnett said here in the Washington Times on Sunday!

Action Alert:  Call your members of the House and Senate at 202-224-3121 and ask them to vigorously oppose the Refugee Resettlement funding contained in the Omnibus Spending Bill that will be voted on by 12-11-15! Please call by this Friday, Dec. 4th.


423 Syrians admitted to US in first two months of fiscal year; 99% are Sunni Muslims

I love it, so many reporters are on the case now!  This morning I see Drudge is prominently featuring a CNS news story about how all of the Syrians admitted to the US after the Paris terror attack are Sunni Muslims, click here for that story.  Lots of good information there!
Below is a map (from the Refugee Processing Center) of where the Syrians have been resettled in the US since October 1 (the first day of fiscal year 2016 until yesterday November 30th, assuming the data is up to date as of yesterday).
Two months into the fiscal year, the Obama Administration has 9,577 to go to reach its goal of 10,000 Syrian (mostly Muslims) for this year.
Top five states where the Administration is seeding Syrian Muslims:  No surprise California is numero uno, but that they are pouring them into PA is a surprise, and then KY, OH, and TX round out the top five.  (Hey Mitch and Rand, where are you?)
map Syrians end Nov. 30
Checking the religion numbers for the first two months of fiscal year 2016, it is even worse than two weeks ago.  Of the 423 admitted so far, 418 are Sunni Muslims.  That comes to 99% Muslim and you can expect numbers like that to continue because the UNHCR is picking our refugees and he told an audience at Georgetown Law School recently (here, we were there), that the Christians are not persecuted because the “regime” (Assad) protects them.  I guess for the UNHCR, ISIS is not a persecutor!
Go here if you want to play around with the US State Department data base (called the Refugee Processing Center).

Action Alert:  Call your members of the House and Senate at 202-224-3121 and ask them to vigorously oppose the Refugee Resettlement funding contained in the Omnibus Spending Bill that will be voted on by 12-11-15! Please call by this Friday, Dec. 4th.

Barnett: Contractors monopolize US resettlement as it is all about money, not what is best for America

Don Barnett, a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies reports on how the resettlement contracting business works in an opinion piece in the Washington Times, here on Sunday.

Don Barnett, a resident of Tennessee, is a longtime expert on the US Refugee Admissions Program, and is a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies.

In his opening paragraphs he reports on a little known (declassified) report for the National War College published in 2000.  The author was (and may still be) a longtime employee of the US State Department and intimately involved in refugee resettlement.
I urge all of you to read the Robinson study, we reported on it here in 2010 (you will find a link to the study in that post), because it demonstrates how supposed ‘refugees’ became political pawns for the Clinton Administration’s justification for its phony-baloney Bosnian war, and how the contractors looking for more paying clients (aka refugees) urged an airlift of Kosovar ‘refugees’ who didn’t even want to come to America!  The airlift was a twofer!
The report is entitled: ‘How public opinion shaped refugee policy in Kosovo.’
Barnett at the Washington Times:

Despite the exposure refugee resettlement has received lately, there has been little discussion of how the program actually operates.

Each year the administration establishes source regions and numbers for next year’s quota. The U.N. refugee agency refers most of the refugees that come through the system, though embassy staff and State Department contractors may also make referrals. An influential network of private contractors implements the program.

Speaking of the contractors running refugee resettlement, David M. Robinson, a former acting director of the refugee bureau in the State Department, wrote in 2000,

“The agencies [the resettlement contractors—ed] form a single body [that] wields enormous influence over the Administration’s refugee admissions policy. It lobbies the hill effectively to increase the number of refugees admitted for permanent resettlement each year and at the same time provides overseas processing for admissions under contract to the State Department. In fact, the federal government provides about ninety percent of its collective budget. If there is a conflict of interest, it is never mentioned.”

“[Its] solution to every refugee crisis is simplistic and the same: increase the number of admissions to the United States without regard to budgets or competing foreign policy considerations.”

Continue reading here.
Readers!  For the first time in 35 years you are helping to create a serious roadblock to these nine federal contractors that have ruled the roost and called the shots for decades, please keep up the pressure.

The most important thing  you can do today is laid out for you in our post yesterday on the Omnibus funding bill before Congress!

Addendum:  As I reread my post from 2010, I was reminded that one of the terrorists arrested as part of the Ft. Dix Six terror plot was a refugee—add him to the list of refugee terrorists that the contractors say do not exist!
And a note to any reporters reading this: we have an enormous body of work here—over 7,000 posts—use our search function for key words for anything you are working on!

Action Alert:  Call your members of the House and Senate at 202-224-3121 and ask them to vigorously oppose the Refugee Resettlement funding contained in the Omnibus Spending Bill that will be voted on by 12-11-15! Please call by this Friday, Dec. 4th.