HIAS: "….most critical action we will ever ask you to take"

HIAS is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and they are lobbying hard against the so-called “Safe Act” that may (or may not) be taken up by the Senate.

Hetfield Judiciary Committee
Mark Hetfield, Pres and CEO of HIAS is telling open borders activists that this is the most important threat to their plans, probably since the Refugee Act was passed in 1980. In my opinion, it’s not the ‘Safe Act,’ they should worry about, it is that public opinion is turning on the whole notion of third worlders being admitted en masse to America.

As I said earlier this morning and over the weekend—-they (the Left, the No Borders agitators, the resettlement contractors, Obama) have never been so threatened by a public relations backlash against the entire refugee resettlement apparatus and their taxpayer-funded livelihoods as they have post-Paris.
However, you and I know the “Safe Act” (which passed the House before the Thanksgiving recess) is only a diversionary measure to make us feel good—that our safety matters—but will never amount to much as the Obama Administration will simply declare that they have fully complied and screening is secure.
This is what HIAS (one of nine major federal contractors) is saying in an action alert this morning.  If you are a reader more concerned with illegal immigration, know that HIAS was a leading organizer in support of the Gang of Eight Amnesty bill a few years ago.   They are for more immigration legal or illegal!

Tell Your Senators to Keep the Door Open for Refugees

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This is one of the most critical actions we will ever ask you to take.

The House of Representatives recently voted to pass legislation that could severely restrict refugee admissions into the United States. The “America SAFE Act” goes against our basic principles of welcoming the stranger and helping those in need. It would add layers of red tape — but no real security enhancements — to a program that is already effectively screening for security.

As the Senate prepares to debate similar anti-refugee legislation, they need to hear the voices of supporters of refugee resettlement. Send a message to your Senators now urging them to keep the door open for refugees.

Now, go here and see the text of the message they want their followers to send to US Senators.
I continue to be perplexed why a Jewish organization is so eager to admit mostly Muslim Syrians!

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