Senator Barbara Mikulski staffer just called me "despicable!"

US Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland obviously wants more Muslim migrants in America.

I am stunned, a staff person answering the phone in Senator Barbara Mikulski’s office just said I was “despicable” supporting Donald Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim immigration to America, said I “hated” people.  He said that they had my “name and number” as if that was a threat!
Imagine a staff person, who would not give me his name, treating a constituent like that!
If you live in Maryland, you must call Mikulski tell her you support cutting funds this week for the refugee program and tell her you want visas from jihadist-producing countries stopped!

Click here for her offices across the state (you will have to scroll to the bottom and click on office locations—they make it hard for you on purpose!).

LOL! See if you can produce the same response!
They are becoming unhinged.
Update:  Polite and professional responses from Senator Cardin’s office and Congressman John Delaney.
Addendum:  I should have mentioned earlier that back in October, the Senator was one of the leaders of the pack looking for MORE of your money for Syrian refugee resettlement here.

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