RRW round-up for the month of February 2017

Having a look at the numbers of readers arriving at RRW in the month of February, I am happy to report that the numbers of you arriving here in January and February added up to more than arrived in the whole of 2011 and 2012 combined!

The education of the American people is increasing exponentially about the completely out of control UN/US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP).

Nixon: Say it over and over and over again, even if you want to barf!

Before I get to the top three posts of the month (and the top ten countries from which readers arrived at RRW), I want to talk about repetition.
As I have said so often, someone once told me that people need to hear things seven times before it sinks in. So, if you are a regular reader, you might be getting really sick of the fact that I keep repeating many key points about the USRAP and how it effects your communities.
But, if I repeat some things it is because I am mindful of the need for repetition which won’t end because every day we get new readers (and they need to get their seven repeats!).
Reader Paul confirmed the admonition about repetition in an e-mail to me recently with a quote from David Gergen about what he learned from Richard Nixon:

He learned the importance of saying the same thing, over and over and over: “Nixon taught us about the art of repetition. He used to tell me, ‘About the time you are writing a line that you have written it so often that you want to throw up, that is the first time the American people will hear it.’ “

Now here are the Top Three Posts of the month (top three posts of the last day are in the right hand side bar):

Open borders left, refugee contractors plan days of action

Repost: US Cases of refugees arrested or convicted on terror charges, and other heinous crimes

The nerve! UN Secretary General goes to Saudi Arabia and says “Islamophobia” to blame for world’s worst violence

BTW, our fact sheet, linked at the top of the page, gets thousands of hits a month, but I feel bad about that because it is out of date, and frankly I haven’t the time or the interest in updating it.

Here are the Top Ten Countries from which readers arrived at RRW in the last month (in descending order and excluding the US):





South Africa






Some reminders:

When I get around to posting comments, know that I don’t post any comments that suggest violence in any way against anyone. Those with foul language or personal attacks on other commenters are also trashed.  I don’t want to hear anything about Zionist conspiracies and because this is my blog I don’t have to be fair and balanced.  If you have a particular conspiracy you are pushing, then I recommend that you write your own blog!
As a matter of fact, one thing I have said more than seven times is that instead of spending your days commenting on blogs and reading news on Drudge, why not start your own blog?
More single-issue bloggers are desperately needed because there seems to be no such thing as investigative journalism anymore. How about disciplining yourselves and rather than being a news junky (a gadfly!), focus on some specific topic and make news yourself by exposing some federal, state or local government program gone awry!
RRW is not a group.  RRW does not have employees. I don’t make any money from traffic coming to RRW.  RRW is my personal contribution to America and I am trying to avoid burnout!
So, while I am venting, nothing bugs me more than readers telling me I need to cover this issue or that issue in the immigration arena—YOU do it!
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If you subscribed to RRW, know that I don’t send out those e-mails, wordpress does it automatically, and I apologize if somehow you initially received my posts in your inboxes but don’t any longer. Either try re-subscribing or simply visit every day to see what else is new.
Sorry for venting, but spring has arrived early in Maryland and I am enjoying it!
Thanks and appreciation to all of you who send kind words of encouragement both to my e-mail address and to my post office box. Even if I sound cranky, I really do appreciate all that you are doing to spread the word where you live and that you take time to tell me about it!
Thanks for listening!  Happy Spring!
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