Call your member of Congress/Senators to put brakes on refugee resettlement program

Thanks to reader Denise for making a very cool flyer to remind you to call your Washington representatives to counter the lobbying campaign by the refugee industry this week.  They are ginning-up thousands of calls to Congress in advance of World Refugee Day tomorrow.

This is a very handy way to get the phone numbers for your representatives.  I just tried it, and in addition to my reps in Washington, I received phone numbers for my state reps too!
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117 Leftwing groups/refugee contractors oppose bill to BEGIN to reform refugee program

I haven’t said much about this bill re-introduced in Congress last week mostly because it doesn’t go far enough to really reform the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program.
In my view anything that leaves the United Nations choosing our refugees and the non-profit ‘religious’ (and secular) charities being paid by the head to place those third world people secretly into unsuspecting towns and cities doesn’t go far enough.

U.S. Reps. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, and Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., reintroduced the Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act on Thursday. Source:

The financial incentive (that per head payment) to unelected non-profit groups (who then lobby Congress) for more and more paying clients (aka refugees) must be completely abolished.
Halfway measures, as this bill represents, if it ever even got through Congress and to the President’s desk would take away any incentive for abolishing the Refugee Act of 1980 and rewriting the whole thing, so I’m not a believer in taking the ‘first steps’ as I am sure the advocates of this bill are calling it.
Read the text yourself, here, there are some bones thrown to states/communities to have some say in whether they will ‘welcome’ refugees or not, and there is some effort made to get at the fraud that we know is rampant overseas.
The only hope for real reform is if the Trump Administration has the guts to send a determination of ZERO (refugees) in September for FY18 with the proviso that Congress undertake total reform of our refugee admissions policy before any more are admitted!

President Trump or Congress won’t have guts unless you bombard them!

That is what the well-organized and well-financed Open Borders crowd does all the time! See here…..
Here is what the contractors*** and the Leftwing/social justice crowd are telling Congress about HR. 2826:

“….it would remove presidential authority to set the number of refugees who may enter the country per year.”

That last line of my screenshot (of a portion of the letter) made me laugh.  So, they are worried about the President losing his authority to set the CEILING—any President other than Donald Trump I presume! So far they have made it clear that Trump is not permitted to have that power!

Quick! tell the Supreme Court! They are admitting that the President  has the authority to set the number to be admitted to the US each year!

The letter continues…
Then here (below) are the groups that signed it.  If you are involved in any of these groups/churches etc. let them know what you think. 
Many of the federal contractors paid to place refugees in your towns are on this letter.  The Ethiopian Community Development Council is not here nor is World Relief. Episcopal Migration Ministries is represented by the Episcopal Church (we learned here the other day that they are one and the same).
Also not here is the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. I have noticed lately that they aren’t signing on to this type of joint political letter.  Maybe you have gotten to them through your parishes?
LOL! You can tell how far Left this list is by the fact that SEIU signed it!

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You can bombard your member of Congress, your US Senators, and the White House about what you think should be done about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program. Then tell your church leaders what you think if your church signed on to this letter in your name!
*** This is the list of the nine federal contractors being paid by the head to place refugees in towns across America. Those in red below signed this letter of opposition to the House Judiciary Committee.

A picture worth a thousand words, civil war coming to Europe?

When I heard the news about the attack on Muslims leaving a mosque in London early this morning, I wondered if it was all ratcheting up, and dare I say, wondered if a real civil war was coming to, not just the UK, but to Europe as well.  It seems it is just a matter of time!
See this image that Voice of Europe put on twitter yesterday:

As you know, Poland is refusing to take Muslim ‘refugees’ demanded of them by the EU, see here last week.
President Donald Trump will be in Poland on July 6th.
My complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive is here.

Stealth Invasion author: Trump must fight on refugee issue as he did on climate 'deal'

Our friend Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily tells us what he thinks of the Trump Administration’s weakness on the refugee issue.
From WNDRead it all, but here is the wrap-up:

Hohmann does not believe Trump is taking the refugee resettlement issue seriously enough. The veteran journalist warned in his book there is a historic demographic shift of Muslims out of the Middle East and Africa into Western Europe, Canada and the U.S. That shift is known as “civilization jihad,” and the resettlement of Muslim refugees in the West is one component of it.

“Stealth Invasion” is the ONLY full length book critical of US refugee policy.

“This is a situation where 1,500 foreign nationals are entering our country now every week,” Hohmann cautioned. “In many cases, when they come from chaotic, broken nations like Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, we have no idea who these people are and are simply accepting whatever story they give us about their so-called persecution. Yet, we allow Christians who are legitimately under a genocide in Iraq and Syria to languish there unprotected.

“Something must change, and soon, or there will be no more hint of Christianity in the Middle East, which is where the faith took root 2,000 years ago. Trump the candidate seemed to understand these troubling trends, but Trump the president seems confused, misdirected and ill-advised.”

Hohmann wishes Trump would fight the establishment on the refugee issue the same way he fought it on the climate change issue.

“I’d like to see the president approach the refugee issue with the same wisdom, energy and courage with which he approached the Paris climate-change deal,” the writer stated. “It took a lot of guts to defy the globalists and pull out of that bad deal, so we know President Trump has it in him to take on these entrenched, anti-American interests.”

More here.
Readers ask me all the time: what can I do?  Read ‘Stealth Invasion’ and contact the White House by clicking here.