Former Obama State Department official tells Idaho audience to use political pressure if they want more refugees

I told you about this upcoming conference here.

Just noticed now that the event was held at the SIMPLOT auditorium.  Thought I recognized that name—-first saw it here when we heard that the JR Simplot Company was building a new meatpacking plant near Boise.  Of course! Cheap refugee labor! So much for humanitarianism!

Here is the news from Boise Weekly about the event this past Monday (emphasis is mine):

Screenshot (1025)
Anne Richard: Get involved to help us diversify Idaho.  George (Soros) wants it that way!

President Donald Trump’s name doesn’t appear on the agenda for the 34th annual Frank Church Conference, titled “America’s Future: Refugees, Migration and National Security,” but discussion of Trump’s restrictions on refugees and immigrants took center stage Monday at the filled-to-capacity Simplot Ballroom at the Boise State University Student Union.


The Frank Church conference was packed with panel discussions and addresses from a number of experts on the issue of refugees, both national and local, including representation from the Idaho office of Refugees, the Idaho chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and the Boise office of the International Rescue Committee. The conference’s midday address was delivered by Anne C. Richard, former Assistant Secretary of State.


In her conclusion, Richard offered a question instead of a statement.

“What are you going to do about this?” Richard asked the gathering. “Will you vote? Will you write a letter to the editor? Will you visit your member of Congress? Will you stay abreast of current events? I put it to you.”

I’ll repeat for the umpteenth time—you have to match them with political action if you want the truth to come out.  That is, if you want to preserve western civilization (in addition to your home town!).

When I look at the Boise Weekly story I’m seeing only one comment at this time. Where are you Idahoans?

Soros groupie!

About Anne Richard, former Obama Asst. Secretary of State and former Veep at one of the nine federal contractors—the International Rescue Committee:

Richard, like so many in the refugee industry has revolved in and out of government for decades.  She says on her biography at wikipedia that in 1994 she helped create the International Crisis Group.  Sometime when you have a few minutes it might be worth your time to understand what that group was (and is).

Here is just a bit of their history:

Discussions continue throughout 1994 as to what form this new organisation should take. There are heated debates about whether the organisation should be an operational outfit directly involved in delivering aid, or an advocate for action by others.

On 17 November, Abromowitz’s Carnegie Endowment publicly announces “a concerted effort to consider the launching of a new International Crisis Group” with three main functions: assessment, advice and advocacy. George Soros’s Open Society Institute provides US$200,000 to finance continued planning activities. Over the latter half of the year, former US Congressman Stephen Solarz travels to over twenty countries to discuss the proposed organisation and raise funds. Not everyone welcomes him, One senior European government minister complains, “What you are trying to do is to get us to give you a golden stick with which to beat us over the head, in order to get us to do what we’ve already decided we do not want to”.

Continue reading here to see who else was involved and note Soros’s continued funding role.

See my ever-expanding archive on Idaho (a target state if there ever was one) by clicking here.

Where are you Rep. Labrador?  Are you looking for more refugee labor for the state too?

Idaho folks need to look very carefully at who is funding political campaigns in the state especially as the 2018 governor’s race rolls around. That race is a perfect opportunity to focus attention on the issue of refugee resettlement in the state. Make it a pivotal issue in the campaign.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service trying to raise $5 million from private funding sources

It’s about time!

And, if they raise $5 million privately this year it will be an all-time high for the CEO Linda Hartke who took the reins in 2010 of a refugee contractor that is on average 95% taxpayer funded.

As the refugee numbers decline under Trump, LIRS, like all of the nine contractors*** are facing financial woes because of laziness and maybe mismanagement (there is a rumor along those lines at LIRS!) having become so dependent on taxpayer funding that most have made little or no effort to raise PRIVATE money for their charitable ‘good works.’

I notice that at LIRS website they have launched a campaign to raise a whopping $5 million in private money.

Screenshot (1021)
If LIRS raises $5 million this year from private funding it will be the highest in the last 6 years, maybe ever!


I’m wondering if those meatpacker contracts reported here recently are part of that $5 million goal?  Foreign-owned BIG Meat hires LIRS!

Again, if they manage to raise $5 million in private money they will be doing better than any year under the stewardship of CEO Linda Hartke who arrived there in 2010.

Going back to Form 990’s beginning with the tax reporting document for 2011, this is what I noticed:

(By the way, I’m rounding numbers to make this easier on me and I didn’t get into side income/contracts including their travel loan deal with the State Department. Form 990’s (except for 2016) can be found on LIRS website, here. )

Most salary information is on page 7 or 8 and income on page 9.

Form 990 (2011)

Total gifts and grants (inc. government grants) $31.6 million, $1.3 million private money raised. Most of the other funding from the US Treasury (roughly 95% taxpayer funded)

Hartke’s salary: $182,000 plus $21,000 from other compensation

Form 990 (2012)

Total gifts and grants (inc. government grants) $40 million, $1.5 million private money. Most other funding from the US Treasury (roughly 96% taxpayer funded)

Hartke’s salary: $191,000 plus $23,000 from other compensation

Form 990 (2013)

Total gifts and grants (inc. government grants)  $43 million, $2 million private money. Most other funding from the US Treasury (roughly 95% taxpayer funded)

Hartke’s salary: $203,000 plus $24,000 from other compensation

Form 990 (2014)

Total gifts and grants (inc. government grants)  $57.8 million, $2.5 million private. Most other funding from the US Treasury (roughly 96% taxpayer funded)

Hartke’s salary: $210,000 plus $25,000 from other compensation

Form 990 (2015)

Total gifts and grants (inc. government grants) $53.8 million, $3 million private. Most other funding from the US Treasury (roughly 94% taxpayer funded)

Hartke’s salary: $274,000 plus $33,000 from other compensation

Form 990 (2016)

Total gifts and grants (inc. government grants) $67 million, $2.5 million private. Most other funding from the US Treasury (roughly 96% taxpayer funded)

Hartke’s salary: $293,000 plus $34,000 from other compensation.


Screenshot (1023)
LIRS headquarters building in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor neighborhood

Think about this, CEO Linda Hartke went from making $182,000 in 2011 to making $293,000 in 2016 running a RELIGIOUS charity funded largely by the US taxpayer. Stunning isn’t it!

This year, because the number of paying clients (aka refugees) will be lower than normal they HOPE to raise a whopping $5 million (to tide them over?).

For those of you feeling squeamish about reporting salaries, remember this is not a private corporation or a true non-profit, it is a quasi-government agency which we all pay for.

Government salaries are known to the public for members of Congress ($174,000 for example) and even your local elected officials, so it is our right to know and comment on salaries being paid to the nine federal refugee contractors.

If you are a Lutheran, check out the LIRS leadership page here.  See if there are people you know!  Let them know how you feel.

See LIRS subcontractors here. Is there one near you?  Remember they work for LIRS in Baltimore!  LIRS in Baltimore is sending refugee cases to your towns and cities! Hello St. Cloud!

*** The nine federal refugee contractors that monopolize all refugee resettlement in America are here. Hartke’s salary isn’t even the highest of the nine. That honor goes to David Miliband of the International Rescue Committee whose salary is approaching $600,000! Doing well by doing good!



Greater screening to be applied to ‘refugees’ from 11 countries; leakers name the eleven

The Trump Administration should know by now that they can’t keep stuff like this quiet because they have permitted the blabbermouths in the deep state to run wild.

general Kelly
“White House chief of staff John Kelly reportedly told other members of the Trump administration that if it were up to him the number of refugees admitted into the U.S. would be between zero and one,” say leakers in the Trump White House or State Department.


Here is the latest from  The Atlantic.  I don’t really want to put an inordinate amount of emphasis on this screening for terrorists activity because I don’t think it is our greatest threat from out-of-control immigration/refugee resettlement.

Our greatest problem (IMHO) is the enormous social and cultural upheaval from large numbers of migrants (of any sort) entering the US who will not assimilate and don’t have any respect for our laws and our Constitution as designed.  And, on top of that, we, the taxpayers, pay for it all!

If Islamic terrorism is our greatest concern, how are we going to screen-out the 2-year-olds who enter the country and grow up two decades later (under the influence of the local mosque) to become Jihadists?

(Yes, the Boston bombers were refugees because they were, under the law, a category of refugee—successful asylum seekers. And, yes, Somalis who have tried to kill Americans came as little children, as refugees!).

Let me ask this: If this security screening issue gets ironed out, does it mean our gates will be opened wide to allow uncontrolled migration from across the globe?

Honestly, I’m getting weary of being dragged down the screening rabbit hole…

….but, since I’m sure you want to know what the latest Trump Administration screening project entails, here is some news about it (albeit with a Leftist slant):

The Trump administration issued an order Tuesday that resumed the resettlement of refuges in the United States, but said the applications of citizens from 11 “higher-risk” countries would be considered on a case-by-case basis during a new 90-day review period. The administration has so far declined to name the countries officially and publicly but two officials—one from the administration and the other from an advocacy group—separately confirmed that the countries were Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Mali, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. All of those countries—except North Korea and South Sudan—are predominantly Muslim.

Six countries on the list—Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and North Korea—were not a surprise: They were also on the latest version of the administration’s travel ban that was announced last month and is currently blocked by the courts. But that travel ban also included the citizens of Chad and Venezuela. Tuesday’s refugee list, on the other hand, included the citizens of Iraq, Mali, Sudan, South Sudan, and Egypt. The restrictions imposed last month were an outright ban on travelers—but not refugees—from those countries. Tuesday’s announcement does not constitute a ban. Rather, it is a list of 11 countries whose citizens will be subject to additional security screening if they apply for refugee status in the U.S.


eric schwartz 2
Schwartz is more than President of Refugees International. He is a Hard Left Soros protege who ran the State Department refugee program in the early years of the Obama Administration.

The 11 nations on Tuesday’s list made up a significant proportion of refugees accepted by the U.S. in the last fiscal year, which ended September 30. Of the 53,716 refugees accepted by the U.S. in that time, 23,357 were from the 11 listed countries (about 43 percent), according to data maintained by the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center. The breakdown of the number of refugees accepted from each of the 11 countries in the last fiscal year is as follows: Egypt, 9; Iran, 2,577; Iraq, 6,886; Libya, 3; Mali, 6; North Korea, 12; Somalia, 6,130; South Sudan, 176; Sudan, 980; Syria, 6,557; and Yemen, 21.  [I’m grateful that someone took the time to do the numbers—ed]


“This is remarkable. The administration has had more than six months to review this policy under the March EO [executive order on travel], and they’ve come back in October to re-impose what will largely be seen as another unreasonable ban that primarily affects Muslims,” said Eric Schwartz, the president of Refugees International, a group that advocates for refugees. Although the move announced Tuesday is not a ban, refugee advocates say it is tantamount to one because of the additional security requirements that are often time-consuming.

“I hope they at least have the decency to be transparent about what they are doing, and name the nationalities affected,” Schwartz said. “It is a cynical and tragic manipulation of administrative process, and conflicts with U.S. values and interests.”

Go here to read more.

I was more interested in the portion of the new EO that calls for the Justice Department to evaluate the whole Refugee Program over the next 180 days.

And, gee, maybe the Administration will take its job more seriously than that bunch running the House of Representatives.  See yesterday’s House hearing.

Learn more about Eric Schwartz by clicking here.