Refugee resettlement contractors get platform to complain at Christian Post, but….

Christian Post reporter Samuel Smith interviewed several leaders of fake charitable organizations to get their take on Trump’s refugee ceiling for the new fiscal year that begins today.  It is the anticipated wailing and moaning about that mean Donald Trump—45,000 is not enough poor people to put on the taxpayers’ backs in one year.

However, lo and behold, two tiny mentions (you have to read carefully!) are made, that are rarely (never?) made by the likes of the New York Times and Washington Post.

One is that the federal contractors (the big nine)*** are paid out of the US Treasury to do their religious charity and that the numbers of refugees admitted have dipped as low as the 20,000s in the past. I’ll count this as a media breakthrough!

When the big media (including Fox News) investigates and reports on the multi-million dollar industry resettling refugees has become, then ten years of work will have been worth it!

See readily available financial data on how much of your money the nine  contractors devour in a year, go here.

Christian Post:

Christian Aid Groups Say Trump Lowering Refugee Ceiling to 45,000 Is ‘Absurd’

Erol Kekic, executive director of the Church World Service Immigration and Refugee Program, one of nine organizations that receives funding from the State Department to resettle refugees in the U.S., said in a statement that the 45,000 limit is “absurdly low” ….


Bishop Michael Rinehart, chairman of the Board for Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and head of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod, said in a statement shared with CP that the cut to the U.S. refugee ceiling comes at a “a time when the world needs us desperately.”

bishop Reinhart

“[I]t seems we are shutting the door on the Statue of Liberty,” Rinehart said. “I pray that America does not lose its heart and soul.”

Rinehart should learn the facts about the statue, here.

Although they give them lots of column inches to complain, the CP is actually being honest here:

Even though 45,000 would be the lowest U.S. refugee ceiling in a fiscal year set by a president since 1980, there have been years since then when less than 45,000 refugees have been resettled into the U.S., especially in the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001.

According to the Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit Center for Immigration Studies, a total of 28,286 refugees were resettled in 2002, and there were only 41,223 admissions in fiscal year 2006.

Read it all here.

*** Below are the nine contractors that monopolize all refugee resettlement in America (they have hundreds of subcontractors working for them). The ‘religious’ groups listed below are Leftist social justice, community organizing, activist organizations awash in taxpayer dollars!

Readers ask me all the time what they should do.

Here is an idea: Find out if your local church is affiliated with any of these nine quasi-government agencies and start speaking up in your local churches and synagogues, and if possible in your local newspapers. If you are Catholic, see this.

If we can’t get Washington to make any effort at reform, it is time to focus closer to home.