Gatestone: Fearless Swedish Somali woman speaks, and you should listen!

Especially so-called feminist women should listen!
Do not miss this interview of former refugee Mona Walter by Natalia Osten-Sacken at Gatestone Institute.

Mona Walter
Mona Walter, the Swedish Ayaan Hirsi Ali

I’ve snipped just a bit of the interview, but the entire discussion is riveting.  See what she says about the moral equivalency the Pope has been promoting!


What solution do you see for Sweden and Europe? We cannot forbid the practice of any religion, even the most radical one; we have freedom of religion.

No, we cannot prohibit it, but we must understand that Islam is not a religion, it is a totalitarian system. We cannot treat it like any other religious faith. It forbids all other religions, freedom of speech, freedom of individual choice. It is the opposite of democracy. We must openly and honestly analyze this ideology, we must understand it.

We must not listen to the media: that Islam is a religion of peace. Do you know what it means? It means that peace will not prevail until people accept Islam as their religion. Peace will come when there will be no resistance and Islam and Sharia will dominate. Islam divides humanity into two “houses”: a house of peace and a house of war. All of us, infidels and even liberal Muslims who do not accept sharia, are in the house of war.

Are there Muslims who integrate, do not want to introduce Sharia, and so on?

Remember — we must separate Islam and sharia law from Muslims, because many of them are peaceful people and we cannot mix these two together. This is always mainstream media: if I speak about Islam, they interpret it as hating Muslims. But I do not hate Muslims. I believe that this ideology is dangerous for all mankind. The Muslim community will also suffer under the Sharia.

As a convert to Christianity, how would you rate the behavior of the Catholic Church, which recommends greater openness to immigration?

obama and the pope
The Pope is no longer a Christian leader, but a politician and activist of human rights.”

I heard the Pope preaching this and I was very disappointed — because Islam and Christianity cannot be compared. Christians must imitate Jesus who preached love and mercy, even to his enemies; treating others as you would like to be treated.

Meanwhile, Islam, and especially the Islamic State, do exactly what Muhammad did. And he let his followers kill and take wives as sex slaves. We cannot compare these two worlds. Again, I do not mean Christians and Muslims, but their ideologies are mismatched.

The creator of this ideology was a criminal, a warlord who said that killing people brings glory. How can we open borders for such an ideology? As we do not know who is coming to us, we must be very careful, especially since we see what happened to Christians in Muslim countries. I do not understand the attitude of the Pope and the Catholic Church, who should care primarily about their members.

The Pope is no longer a Christian leader, but a politician and activist of human rights. He is no longer the head of the Church working for the good of Christianity and I do not see him as my guide. What I see when I look at him is a leftist politician. Jesus said we should love our enemies, but not that we should be stupid.

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