Nine months in to fiscal year, Trump could break record low number of refugees admitted to US

George W. Bush held the previous record low refugee admission years 27,070 in 2002 and 28,117 in 2003—following the national shock of 9/11.

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Unless Donald Trump puts refugee program in to high gear in coming months, he will set the record for the lowest resettlement year since the Refugee Act of 1980 was signed in to law by JIMMY CARTER.  GW Bush held previous record.

But, Donald Trump, if the present rate continues, could come in as low as 21,000-22,000 admissions before the fiscal year ends on September 30th.
Readers will recall that the President set the CEILING for this fiscal year at 45,000.
However, before you celebrate, remember that lowering the numbers for a few years is not enough, the US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) must be reformed at its very basic level (requiring Congress!) or once President Trump is no longer in office the program will simply go in to overdrive as the Open Borders advocates and resettlement contractors attempt to make up for what they will see as lost time in changing America by changing the people.

As the fiscal year winds down this summer, watch for a renewed pressure campaign on the President to boost the numbers for FY19.  The President sends his FY19 determination to Congress in September, but you can be sure that behind the scenes much haggling is already taking place.
As of today we have admitted 16,229 refugees to the US since October 1, 2017 (first day of this fiscal year). During the month of June the number was 1,908 a little above the monthly FY18 average of 1,803.
Here is a map from Wrapsnet about where they were placed.
Top ‘welcoming’ states in descending order are: Texas (so much for withdrawing from the program!), Ohio, New York, California, Washington, Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Minnesota.
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Wyoming never had a program, but note that the big mouths (we want diversity) in liberal Hawaii almost never get any refugees!

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