Refugee activists pouncing on supposed Pentagon concern for drop in refugee numbers

They say that the Pentagon (although I have yet to see a single name from the Pentagon say this) is concerned that especially Iraqis who help the military won’t want to help if they don’t get assurances of a ticket to America.

Frankly, I’m not so sure I like the idea of offering tickets to your town or mine, as carrots for working for the US in Iraq.  Isn’t it time (past time!) we let Iraq take care of itself!


So the Pentagon is the new ally of the Open Borders Left and wants to see more Iraqis moved to American towns?


Here is Voice of America (one of many stories on this) where the Open Borders Left is using the Pentagon as an ally to get more Middle Easterners in to the US.

And, by the way, there is a Special Immigrant Visa program separate from the normal Refugee Admissions Program which is how Afghans (very large numbers at the moment) and Iraqis are getting to the US.

In fact, we learned that the resettlement contractors were staying afloat because they are paid to place the SIVs too. Is that why they are snuggling up to a strange bedfellow—the Pentagon?

The issue of the CEILING or CAP on admissions that the Trump Administration is pondering at the moment is a separate issue, but the refugee industry advocates and their media friends are (on purpose?) lumping it altogether.

Voice of America:

U.S. military officials worry that sharp cuts to the number of refugees resettled in the country will hurt national security.

In an exclusive report Monday, Reuters cited unnamed officials who said that the concerns stem from the low numbers of Iraqi refugees whose applications were processed this fiscal year — just 48 as of mid-August — and the fear that people in volatile regions won’t work with U.S. forces on the ground if they don’t see a commitment to resettlement.

The reporter immediately jumps to the CAP!

The Iraqis who have been resettled are among about 18,000 refugees admitted since October 2017, far below the 45,000 cap for the fiscal year, which ends next month, and the lowest since the Refugee Resettlement Program began in 1980.

The trend appears likely to continue.

Earlier this month, the New York Times reported that President Donald Trump’s administration may lower the cap on refugees admitted in 2019 to 25,000, a drop of about 45 percent.

More here.

Again, the Special Immigrant Visas are separate from the normal Refugee Admissions Program!

I’m going to have more on this in the coming days because it seems that the FBI is doing more serious vetting of some wannabe refugees and that is slowing the admissions process. Needless to say that is infuriating the resettlement contractors and their friends in the media.


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