Exposed: Southern Poverty Law Center has Millions Stashed in Offshore Bank Accounts

Did you make the list? Wouldn’t it be great if someone did a project to find out how many of these “groups” actually exist.

Please visit my other blog (Frauds and Crooks) today to see the latest information on the king of non-profit scammers—the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I haven’t been paying any attention to them lately but apparently in March they published their latest Hate Crime report and have once again listed RRW as an anti-Muslim hate group.

As I have pointed out for years, RRW is just me and my blog—I HAVE NO GROUP—but apparently the facts be damned when they rake in millions scaring people out of their money.

As Tyler O-Neill asked in his Pajamas Media story this week:

If the SPLC were an impeccable civil rights organization, why would it hide money in offshore accounts?”


See my archive on the SPLC here at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ and here at RRW.

As I said, they have once again listed Refugee Resettlement Watch as a hate group, nevermind that RRW is just me and my blog.  I wonder if I have any legal rights?  I couldn’t claim that they have hurt my income since I do what I do without any funding.

By the way, I suspect I was recommended for their list by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society several years ago because I was exposing HIAS’s ‘business model’.  I explained all that in 2014.

I have no way of proving it, but I suspect that HIAS and the SPLC had a hand in shutting down RRW last summer.


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