Invasion of Europe Continues…..

I know we have our own invasion going on, but previously I wrote often about the invasion of Europe, in fact, I wrote about it for ten years. I was reminded this evening how important it is to keep up with European news.

You should from time to time, check out Borderhawk news for all immigration news, but it is vitally important to see what is happening in Europe as the great migration destroys western civilization there first.

(You may have noticed that Borderhawk is available at a link on RRW’s sidebar.)

Here is a screenshot of the European stories featured at Borderhawk right now.  Go to Borderhawk for the live links.


While you are having a look at news aggregation sites, see The Religion of Peace as well.

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4 thoughts on “Invasion of Europe Continues…..

  1. Recently, the Colorado legislature banned the use of the term “illegal alien”.

    They are here illegally. They are aliens (per the US tax code).

    In my opinion, any other label is disingenuous.

  2. Ann ,you have done so much great work. You have certainly done more than your share. I try to warn people myself,yet so many are afraid to even address the subject..they just don’t care or don’t want to see what is right in front of their eyes. They are so short sighted. Me,being a pessimist ,only see things getting much worse.By the time there is enough political will,it will be too late. I recently relocated from California to Tennessee..I made the drive,took back roads,and nearly every business,hotel,mini mart,eatery along the way is owned by foreigners who barely speak English.

    Have you ever considered just throwing in the towel? Maybe moving to Montana,Alaska…and watch America burn

    1. Thanks Chris, I hope you are in rural Tennessee because the refugee program is alive and thriving in Nashville, Memphis etc. But, Tennessee also has a small number, but some of the best America first activists on the issue anywhere. I thought about moving, but its too late in life and I live on a farm I love. I would choose Wyoming which has never had a refugee program, the only state in the nation that has dodged the bullet, or if one doesn’t like the dry and cold western climate, there is hope in West Virginia and in South Carolina.

      If you haven’t read this post at my other blog, read it and it gives you some idea of where my head is on the SHTF.

      Be prepared, but stay hopeful!

      p.s. I think most people don’t want to hear the message because it is too scary for them, and if they accepted it, they would then feel obligated to do something and that is too much work for most people.

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