CNN Pushes Fishy Somali Refugee Sob Story to Beat Up Trump (Again)

Nevermind that it is the United Nations that halted refugee travel due to the Chinese virus crisis.

Refugee contractors are trying to “chart a path forward” as refugee admissions this year are set to be the lowest they have ever been since Senators Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and the peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter, created the US Refugee Admissions Program that became law in 1980.

But, oh how they love their sob stories featuring poor suffering families seeking to be reunited.

Sob story design and promotion is one of the Leftwing media’s greatest skills!

Sorry, no sympathy from me for a mother who leaves her INFANT daughter in a hellhole refugee camp to come to America with a supposedly sick husband expecting then to have the US government fly her daughter to her at a later date.

Here is CNN:

A family was set to be reunited after nearly four years apart. Then coronavirus struck.


(CNN) More than three years ago, Deman Aman Abshir, a Somali national, faced an impossible choice: leave behind her newborn daughter to come to the United States or watch as her husband’s health worsened.

She left behind an infant daughter, now three years old, to hop on that plane with a supposedly sick hubby. She had another choice!

Abshir and her husband, fleeing deteriorating conditions in Somalia, worried that any delay in leaving could hinder their chances to resettle in the US and get medical treatment, she said. So they left.


In 2011, amid an ongoing civil war in the country, Abshir decided to leave Somalia and fled to a refugee camp in Ethiopia.

“Life was hard and there was a lot of struggle,” she said.

Over the years, the health of Abshir’s husband, Mohamed Hussen Ibrahim, who was being treated for a neurologic condition that prevented him from walking and doing other daily activities, started to worsen.

His “neurologic condition” apparently didn’t prevent some daily activities!

And, he sure must have gotten some magical medical treatment in the US (on your dime!) because he got a job, but there is not one word in this story about his diagnosis, treatment or recovery.

In late 2016, more than a year after their case had been approved, the couple was ready to depart to the United States.

“Three different situations happened at the same time: my husband’s situation got worse; we had our newborn; we had the process approved,” Abshir recalled. “It was 2016 so Trump was getting elected, so we knew if we had to delay, the opportunity would never come so we had to choose sacrifice to be with our child or leave for the US with my husband to get better treatment.”

She had another choice:  Let her husband go on to America (so you could pay for his medical care) and she could stay in Africa with her INFANT daughter!

Now we are expected to believe she is so emotional over the separation that she can’t work!

Abshir’s four-month-old daughter had not been part of the original case, therefore adding her would delay their departure and postpone obtaining medical treatment for her husband. Abshir called the decision to leave Nimco behind “painful,” recounting the difficulty she had in keeping jobs in the US because she was overwhelmed with emotions.

Plummer is described as the family’s lawyer, but she also happens to be the Executive Director of CRIS a Columbus, Ohio based subcontractor of Church World Service, facts not reported by CNN.

Since then, Plummer has tried to get Nimco’s case approved to reunite with the family. The nearly four-year uphill battle appeared to be reaching a conclusion when the coronavirus pandemic shut down arrivals.


Abshir, whose husband also lost his job because of the pandemic [“also”? weren’t we just old she couldn’t hold a job due to being emotionally distraught?—ed]  has remained hopeful, but extended separations often weigh on families.

[He had a job, wow!  He must have recovered from his serious health issue and inability to walk.—ed]

CNN continues….

“I see these cases and it’s joyful when a child reunites with a parent and it’s all wonderful superficially but you can’t get that time back. The child doesn’t know their parents … just the psychological impact to the family for as long as the delay continues,” Plummer said.  [Taxpayer-funded counseling ahead?—ed]

All of that is to set the tone for the rest of the article that goes on to bash the Trump Administration.

We do learn that no date has been set to resume refugee resettlement. 

But, just so you know, we have admitted nearly 400 refugees since the Virus Crisis ‘moratorium’ began.

Refugee arrivals to the US were suspended as of March 19, with the exception of certain emergency cases, a State Department spokesperson told CNN.

No date has been provided on when admissions will resume. The spokesperson said State “will seek to resume refugee arrivals when it is safe and logistically feasible to do so, subject to any travel restrictions in place at that time.”

Read it all here.

Refugee Contractor Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society Grows During Trump Administration

“He (CEO Hetfield) expects HIAS to spend $80 million this year, its largest budget to date.”


I recently showed you, here, that indeed the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (one of nine federal refugee resettlement contractors***) is doing better under the Trump administration than it did previously for most of the Obama years.

Now here is news where HIAS CEO Mark Hetfield tells us why that is.

They are expanding their offices into Central and South America, and elsewhere.

So why the wailing about the Trump administration’s reduction in numbers? HIAS can certainly do its ‘religious charitable work’ elsewhere and stop pushing more migrants to America, right?

From The Jewish Standard:

Refugee crisis continues to grow, HIAS director says

When we spoke earlier this week, Mark Hetfield, president and CEO of HIAS, was traveling through Central and South America, visiting some of the organization’s many offices in the region. The number of those offices continues to grow.

Hetfield (left) protesting with Church World Service against the Trump administration (and suing the Prez).


We’ve long had programs in Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama for refugees from Colombia,” Mr. Hetfield said. But now, with the refugee crisis in Venezuela, the organization has had to create new centers to handle the situation. And while thousands of refugees are streaming out of Venezuela, others continue to come in.

Only one year ago, HIAS had 45 offices across the world; today it has 71.

Most are in Central and South America and Mexico. “Our office in Ecuador has 250 staff members, with 16 offices across the country,” Mr. Hetfield said. He noted that in the United States, Venezuelans comprise the number one asylum-seeking group, “but nobody seems to be noticing this crisis.”

HIAS also has offices in Africa, Israel, and the United States. “We aspire to be where there is a refugee crisis,” Mr. Hetfield said.

Here is my favorite bit of news from this story!

They don’t want to reform the US Refugee Admissions Program because they fear they would lose in a fight in Congress because they know the American people are not on their side!

Unfortunately, he noted, “All international and domestic law is basically responding to the problems of World War II. It hasn’t been updated to reflect realities. And people are afraid to revisit it because of the fear that if we reopen it, it will be contracted rather than expanded.”

More here.

See my post yesterday about a Catholic publication pushing the BIG LIE that the Refugee Act of 1980, which is 40 years old this month and needs to be repealed or reformed, was signed into law by Ronald Reagan.  It was not! Our peanut farmer President was responsible for creating the dysfunctional program that set up the taxpayer-funded money stream to these nine contractors.

***For new readers these (below) are the nine federally-funded refugee contractors that operate as a huge conveyor belt monopolizing all refugee placement in America.

A ‘religious’ message from CWS one of three federally funded contractors suing to stop the President’s effort to reform the UN-driven Refugee Admissions Program.

And, they do not limit their advocacy toward only legal immigration programs, but are heavily involved in supporting the lawlessness at our borders.

The question isn’t as much about refugees per se, but about who is running federal immigration policy now and into the future?  

I continue to argue that these nine contractors are the heart of America’s Open Borders movement and thus there can never be long-lasting reform of US immigration policy when these nine un-elected phony non-profits are paid by the taxpayers to work as community organizers pushing an open borders agenda.

Note to PayPal donors!  I want to thank all of you who send me donations for my work via PayPal. I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness. However, PayPal is making changes to their terms of service and I’ve decided to opt-out beginning on March 10, 2020.

Justice Department Appeals Ruling from Pro-Refugee Judge

I just want you to know that the US Justice Department, as expected, does not agree with the liberal Judge in Maryland and is appealing his order for the President to stop his effort to reform the US Refugee Admissions Program by allowing local communities and governors to have a say in whether refugees would be placed in their states/counties later in fiscal year 2020.

Wouldn’t you think that the refugee contractors that brought the lawsuit in the first place would like to know in which communities more refugees are welcome or conversely not so welcome. 

They are always yapping about how they want refugees to be placed only in those communities where they have the best chance of  “thriving,” yet they apparently don’t really want to know which communities those are!


The groups (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and Church World Service) that organized this anti-Trump protest at the White House in 2018 want to continue to make the decisions about which communities will ‘welcome’ refugees and Judge Messitte agrees!


I’m thinking that is because they are working on a long term plan to change America by changing the people, and shoving diversity down everyone’s throats is really the aim—the more resistant your community the more enjoyable the target for them!

I digress, here is the news.  Don’t ask me to predict what this means for the reforms that would have gone into effect June 1.

In the meantime, refugees will be placed as they always have been—by the nine contractors (including the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Church World Service and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service that brought the suit)*** in secret discussions with bureaucrats in the State Department.

From the Associated Press:

Feds Appeal Order Blocking Trump Refugee Resettlement Limit

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) — The federal government is appealing a judge’s decision to block the Trump administration from enforcing an executive order allowing state and local governments to turn away refugees from resettling in their jurisdictions.

Clinton Judge Peter Messitte is old, 78 (heck he looks older than that)! If we keep Donald Trump in the White House for 4 more years maybe he and his ilk will be replaced!

A notice of appeal filed Tuesday by the Justice Department says it is asking the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to review the Jan. 15 ruling by U.S. District Judge Peter Messitte in Maryland.

Messitte said in his 31-page opinion that the order signed by President Donald Trump “flies in the face of clear Congressional intent” of the 1980 Refugee Act.

The Judge says unelected, non-profit groups should continue to decide the future of your communities!  You (deplorables) are not permitted to have a say!

Messitte said the process of resettling refugees should continue as it has for nearly 40 years, with resettlement agencies deciding where a person would best thrive.

Church World Service, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, and HIAS — a Jewish nonprofit — sued in November to block the executive order.

The judge granted their request for a preliminary injunction that preserves the status quo while the lawsuit is pending in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Trump’s order, which was issued in September and had been set to go into effect in June, required agencies to get written consent from state and local officials before resettling refugees in their jurisdictions. Trump said he acted to respect communities that believe they do not have the jobs or other resources to be able to take in refugees.

The agencies said the executive order was an attempt at a state-by-state ban on refugees. Messitte agreed, writing, “It grants them veto power. Period.”

Continue reading here.


*** For new readers these (below) are the nine federally-funded refugee contractors that operate as a huge conveyor belt monopolizing all refugee placement and choosing which lucky towns and cities will be ‘welcoming’ refugees.

Church World Service one of the ‘religious charities’ responsible for changing America by changing the people with a ‘Christian message.’

And, they do not limit their advocacy toward only legal immigration programs, but are heavily involved in supporting the lawlessness at our borders.

The question isn’t as much about refugees per se, but about who is running federal immigration policy now and into the future?

(I’ve been remiss in posting my nine contractors spiel for days!)


I continue to argue that these nine contractors are the heart of America’s Open Borders movement and thus there can never be long-lasting reform of US immigration policy when these nine un-elected phony non-profits are paid by the taxpayers to work as community organizers pushing an open borders agenda.


Here we go again! Refugee Contractors Wail Over Trump Travel Restrictions

One of the reasons they hate Trump so much is that he has put them on defense and doesn’t let up.

Joy to behold: President Trump putting the Leftists on the defense daily!

After having watched the nine federal resettlement contractors*** operate for going on 13 years I’m laughing as I watch them spin in circles with each new move by the Administration to slow the flow of immigration to America.

And, I long ago learned that they don’t have the best interests of their clients (refugees) at heart, but are really agitating for ever more migrants of any sort as they work to change America by changing the people.

Further confirmation comes in the wake of the latest Trump Administration effort to restrict travel from countries that are not apparently doing their share in weeding-out bad actors who are coming to the US through various legal avenues.

Here is what I said on Saturday when I reported that refugees are exempt from the new travel restrictions:

…if any of the nine federal refugee contractors (whose salaries we, taxpayers, pay) run out and hire lawyers or even open their mouths in opposition to protecting our safety when refugees are not banned, then they show themselves as nothing more than partisan anti-Trump agitators advancing an open borders agenda while hiding under their white hats of phony humanitarianism.

Of course they can’t control themselves and are flailing at the Trump Administration.

They take our tax dollars and agitate daily against our President!

First out of the chute, we have Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (85-90% funded with taxpayer dollars in any given year, for decades) taking their whack at Trump.

Don’t miss: Lutherans paid to take care of foreigners not Americans!

From Crux (a Catholic publication).  Where are the Bishops on this?

Administration imposes travel restrictions on six African, Asian countries

Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, CEO of LIRS, and former staffer for Michelle Obama

“This policy has been devastating to thousands of men, women and children whose only beacon of hope is the safety and prosperity that America can offer,” said Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, president and CEO of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service. LIRS is one of the largest refugee resettlement agencies in the nation.

“How can we look at ourselves in the mirror knowing that we are doing less and less, especially when an unprecedented global refugee crisis calls for swift, bold action from the world’s humanitarian leader?” she added in a Jan. 31 statement.


In her statement, O’Mara Vignarajah said LIRS is “particularly concerned about Burmese refugees who may see America’s doors closed to them at a time of desperate need – including thousands of ethnic Chin, Karen and Muslim Rohingya, who have fled severe persecution.”

“Nearly 5,000 Burmese refugees started to rebuild their lives in America last year, many of whom seek to reunite with family still in harm’s way,” she added.

What she doesn’t tell you is that after they get the original seed communities planted in America they begin working to bring in the relatives.

178,395 Burmese isn’t enough!

I just checked the Refugee Processing Center data and see that since 2002 (when this data base was set up) we have admitted 178,395 Burmese to the US.

21,000 are Muslim Rohingya which we did not admit to the US when I first began writing RRW.

We, didn’t start any wars in Burma!  Their internal ethnic squabbles are their problem. We have no responsibility to do more for the Burmese!  

They take our tax dollars and agitate daily against our President!

Now here comes Church World Service telling its groupies to support the No Ban Act  being heralded by Rep. Ilhan Omar and Speaker Pelosi who, we are told, plans to push it through the House shortly.  Even if it were to pass the House and Senate, the President surely won’t sign it.

So once again we see the typical Democrat tricks to undermine the President, agitate through the media and all the while using their members and followers to push for a bill that is nothing more than a media generating anti-Trump tool.


Rep. Ilhan Omar Dems go-to gal for all things Muslim (Tlaib in the wings)!

URGENT: Tell Congress to Oppose New Muslim Ban Expansion and Protect Our Muslim and Refugee Neighbors


The administration continues to repeatedly attack refugees, asylum seekers, and our Muslim neighbors, prolonging family separation, undermining our moral and legal obligations to the most vulnerable, and discriminating against people based on their faith or nationality.

Then they give their followers a script for a message to Congress. You could have fun using the basic outline of the script and tell your member to oppose Rep. Omar’s NO BAN ACT bill.

Sample Script: “I’m your constituent from [CITY/TOWN], and [as a person of faith], I urge you to strongly oppose the cruel and harmful expansion of the Muslim ban that the Trump administration announced today, which will restrict entry to the United States from six new countries. I also urge you to cosponsor the NO BAN Act (S.1123 / H.R.2214), which would ensure that no one is banned from our country based on religious or nationality-based discrimination. My community is still feeling the negative impacts of this administration’s immoral and wrongful bans that continue to tear apart families. No one should be blocked from entering the country just because of their faith tradition or where they come from. My community welcomes refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants, and I urge you to do the same.”

More here.

Just a reminder that Church World Service was awarded $53 MILLION  in federal grants in the last year which amounts to 62% of their income being provided by you—the US taxpayer!

They take our tax dollars and agitate daily against our President!

*** For new readers these (below) are the nine federally-funded refugee contractors that operate as a huge conveyor belt monopolizing all refugee placement in America.

Church World Service one of the ‘religious charities’ responsible for changing America by changing the people with a ‘Christian message.’

And, they do not limit their advocacy toward only legal immigration programs, but are heavily involved in supporting the lawlessness at our borders.

The question isn’t as much about refugees per se, but about who is running federal immigration policy now and into the future?

(I try to post this information once a day, or at least every few days!)


I continue to argue that these nine contractors are the heart of America’s Open Borders movement and thus there can never be long-lasting reform of US immigration policy when these nine un-elected phony non-profits are paid by the taxpayers to work as community organizers pushing an open borders agenda.




Leftists Rejoice as Republican Governors Embrace Refugees, Stick it to Trump

Here we go again!

In order to bludgeon the President, here comes another misinformed diatribe using the Republican governors who consented to receiving more impoverished people for their states’ taxpayers to care for.

The writer (Steven Roberts) is a longtime Democrat who has lived in the Washington, DC/New York City elitist bubble as the husband of journalist Cokie Roberts.  But, because he has lived in his bubble he hasn’t a clue about the refugee admissions program (Washington, DC gets only a handful), how it works, how it impacts communities, how it is paid for, and how it has admitted some evil, yes evil, creatures.

But, that hasn’t stopped him from running his mouth about something he knows so little about!

Esar Met, a Burmese Muslim refugee, raped and murdered a little Burmese Christian girl in Utah in 2008. He was sentenced to life in prison. The medical examiner testified that the child died in excruciating pain. The child’s parents wished they had never been resettled to America.

Roberts uses, as the star of his opinion piece, Gary Herbert, the governor of Utah who prattled on about a “beautiful cycle of charity” when he told the State Department to send Utah more refugees.

More like Esar Met?

Did the governor not know about the horrible murder committed by Burmese refugee Esar Met—the trial was front page news in Utah in 2014—when he penned his “beautiful cycle of charity” letter?

Or, is the governor hoping you all have forgotten about it? (If you don’t remember, it didn’t happen, right!)

I suppose we should forgive Roberts because the national media NEVER reported the story and frankly this is the primary reason I continue to report about the other side of the “beautiful cycle of charity.”

My mission is to balance the news! (and to remember!).

Here is a bit of Roberts’ syndicated column which LOL! brings in my old pals at Church World Service (so get ready for another trip to USA Spending)!

Steven V. Roberts: These Republican governors welcome refugees

Donald Trump didn’t reckon with Gary Herbert.

Since the day the president took office, he has conducted a morally abhorrent and economically absurd campaign against refugees, slashing the annual quota admitted to America from 110,00 during Barack Obama’s last year in office to 18,000 currently.  [Like so many lazy lefties, he fails to mention that Obama never had numbers close to 110,000 in his previous 7 years in office.—ed]

Last fall, Trump doubled down on his appeal to the country’s worst nativist instincts, issuing an executive order that allows individual states and localities to bar all new refugees from resettling within their borders. Clearly, he thought most Republicans would join his cynical crusade.

Utah Governor Herbert, one of many Republican governors to turn on Trump!

Enter Herbert, the governor of Utah since 2009. Not only did he reject Trump’s offer, he wrote a letter to the president welcoming refugees to Utah and asking the administration to send more of them, not fewer.

“Those refugees who resettle in Utah become integrated and accepted into our communities,” wrote the governor. “They become productive employees and responsible citizens. They become contributors to our schools, churches and other civic institutions, even helping serve more recent refugees and thus generating a beautiful cycle of charity. This marvelous compassion is simply embedded into our state’s culture.”

It turns out that “marvelous compassion” is still embedded in our national culture, not just Utah’s, despite the president’s efforts to deny and destroy our heritage. Political leaders across the country, including many Republicans, have soundly rebuked the president because they know Herbert is right: Refugees are an enormous benefit to any community.

Church World Service’s CEO the Reverend McCullough is far left. That is Nihad Awad, CAIR’s head honcho in the middle. They were arrested on the steps of the Capitol this fall protesting the President. McCullough pulls down a handsome salary and benefits package for doing “moral” ‘religious charity’ work.


Some of the revulsion to Trump’s anti-refugee rampage is simply moral. The Rev. John L. McCullough, president of the Church World Service, an agency that helps resettle refugees, told the New York Times, “With one final blow, the Trump administration has snuffed out Lady Liberty’s torch and ended our nation’s legacy of compassion and welcome.”


The whole country will suffer from Trump’s poisonous policies. Gary Herbert’s “beautiful cycle of charity” is also a beautiful cycle of growth and prosperity.

You can read it all here . Roberts throws in a bit about how businesses need the cheap labor refugees provide in the “beautiful cycle of charity.”

Roberts fails to mention that for its “moral” charitable work Church World Service is paid millions annually by US taxpayers (62.3 % of CWS’s income is from federal grants according to a recent report at Charity Navigator).

Therefore it has a financial interest in opposing the President and lobbying for ever greater numbers of impoverished Africans, Asians and Middle Easterners to be dropped off in your towns and cities (but not in Washington, DC!) for local and state taxpayers to support.

One of CWS’s “moral” agitators!

This is now my third visit to USA Spending in the last week.

See how much boodle the Bishops get, and yesterday I reported on how Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is doing well even under the Trump Administration.

Church World Service is actually doing better under Trump than it did for most of Obama’s years!
What is up with this? See that they are getting more of your money now than they did for most of Obama’s years!!!


“Marvelous compassion” pays well!

Here is the page from CWS most recent IRS Form 990.  The good reverend is doing well by doing good—sure must beat leading a flock!


Doesn’t that work out to about $130 an hour, not including that extra related income?


Is your church a member of Church World Service?

What can you do?

Roberts’ column is syndicated so if you see it show up in your city, write a letter to the editor, use his column to get the paper to publish your views on the UN-driven Refugee Admissions Program.

Three down and six more visits ahead at!