Uzbek Refugees were Bargaining Chips, but for what?

I’ve been saying it for years—that we, taxpaying American citizens, are subjected to unnecessary expense, societal upheaval, and not to mention danger, when the US State Department uses the Refugee Admissions Program for leverage when it wants to pressure (or reward) some other country by ‘welcoming’ the unwanted.

Nezer: “It’s a bargaining tool: We’ll take a certain number of refugees. These are the things you will do for us.”

Earlier this month, I reported confirmation of refugees as bargaining chips—a stunning admission out of the mouth of a refugee contractor.

One such case during the Bush era involved trouble-making Uzbeks.

No one has ever explained why the Bush Administration flew in planeloads of Uzbeks claiming they were refugees—-Muslim ‘refugees’ from a Muslim country (yeah right!).

When Tennessee Governor Bill Lee listened to the religious Left (using carefully parsed words) claiming refugees hadn’t killed Americans on our soil in terrorist attacks, it wasn’t for lack of trying.

I told readers at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ about the Somali Christmas Tree bomber here, and now I’m going to re-post below the story of Uzbek Islamic terrorist wannabe, Fazliddin Kurbanov, and how he attempted to kill the prison warden where he was incarcerated after being found guilty of planning to bomb West Point (among other places on American soil!).

My mission is to show you what a bunch of liars these Leftwing  ‘Evangelicals’ are!  Christians my foot!

And again…..

What deal were we striking with Uzbekistan that saw hundreds of that country’s extremist Muslims shipped to America as refugees?

Editor:  Before I get to the re-post  (Ann’s memory lane!) I want to emphasize again how glad I am that the speech police were not able to completely destroy my 9,000 posts when they persuaded to remove RRW from the internet.  To those who pressured wordpress, you were dumb!  I hadn’t been writing at RRW for months and as the expression goes you would have benefited from letting sleeping dogs lie.

From my recovered archives!  (March 16,2018)


Uzbek refugee admits he wanted to kill California prison warden by slitting his throat


This is one of those stories I’m sick of writing about.  I’ve followed Fazliddin Kurbanov’s ‘career’ since his arrest in Idaho in 2013.

He is one of those Uzbeks that we have admitted to the US since the Bush Administration who were already radical Islamists back home, and why we took hundreds is still a mystery. Rumor is that the CIA and State Department teamed up to get them here.

This is the latest at The Sun (San Bernardino):

By the way, some stories just list him as an “Uzbek national” but others, like ABC here have it right.  He was a refugee, now he will cost US taxpayers a fortune as we care for him in prison!

An Uzbek national already serving a 25-year terrorism-related sentence has entered a guilty plea for trying to slit the throat of the warden of the Victorville federal prison in a 2016 attack.

Fazliddin Kurbanov, 34, faces sentencing on June 4 before United States District Judge Virginia A. Phillips in Los Angeles after he entered a guilty plea Tuesday, March 13, to one count of attempted murder of a federal officer. 

Kurbanov attacked then-Warden Calvin Johnson of the Victorville Federal Correctional Institute on May 31, 2016 in a dining facility, where Johnson was standing “near the serving line to be accessible to inmates during the lunch service” court papers said.

Kurbanov, armed with an approximately 4-inch prison-made shank, grabbed Johnson from behind and tried to cut the warden’s throat; when Johnson raised his hands to protect his throat, Kubanov instead slashed the warden on his left side, the document said.

Kurbanov admitted in an interview with authorities that he had made the shank, found a way to conceal it, and intended to kill Johnson with it, the court papers said. The attack took place five months after Kurbanov was sentenced in the terrorism case in Idaho.

Johnson was seriously injured in the attack, but has recovered and is now working at another prison in the federal system, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Los Angeles said in a statement.

Obama’s US Attorney for Idaho, Wendy Olson, was concerned with American rabble that might act up during Kurbanov’s 2015 trial!

In January 2016, Kurbanov was sentenced to 25 years in prison for for conspiring and attempting to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization and possessing an unregistered destructive device. He was convicted after a trial.

Prosecutors in that case said Kurbanov made contact with a website for the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and discussed with the website administrator “his animosity toward Americans, particularly the military; his desire to build a bomb; possible targets in the United States, including military bases in Idaho and Texas; and his need for instruction on how to construct and remotely detonate a bomb,” according to a statement by the U.S. Attorney’s office for the District of Idaho.

He also discussed possible targets with an FBI confidential source, including the United States Military Academy at West Point, the prosecutor’s office said.

Go here for my complete file on Fazliddin Kurbanov.

His Idaho trial came at a time when tensions began to rise in that state about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program. The US attorney and others went to great lengths to minimize the news about the trial.

See my Idaho archive here.

An Idaho Voter Sends Fabulous Letter to His Governor! You Can Do This Too!

Update December 10:  A reader suggests you copy your letters (that you are writing to county commissions and to your governor) to the US Secretary of State. See here.

Well, heck the Refugee Council USA (the lobbying arm of the refugee industry) prepared a “tool kit” for their followers to use to help them organize against the President and to argue for more refugees.

Governor Little is a fan of Chobani Yogurt (just so you know)!

They prepared template letters for their people!

(I’ve posted their “tool kit” here.)

Well, we can do that too!  A reader from Idaho shared his letter to Republican Governor Brad Little.

It’s great, you can use it too! 

Simply substitute your governor’s name and your state!  Maybe add a few more points you want to specifically make!


Dear Gov Little,

I am writing to urge you to advise the State Dept that Idaho will
NOT accept any more refugees. While I suspect Chobani and other Big Ag interests will push for a massive increase in refugee numbers, the
fact of the matter is that many parts of Idaho are already
experiencing a housing shortage as well as burgeoning school
enrollments. We need to take care of our state first.

Idaho has a relatively small population and you can bet that most
refugees will vote for Democrats, the party of Open Borders and Free
Stuff. We can’t out-pander the Dems, so let’s not try.

A major problem for states in taking refugees is that local
governments end up paying most of the costs for their healthcare and
education. Most refugees arrive with no English proficiency or useful
skills, many are illiterate in any language. This places a huge burden
on our educational system, a burden shouldered by local taxpayers.
Refugees often arrive with serious health problems that local hospital
districts are expected to pay for. Local governments are required to
provide interpreters in hospital, court and educational systems,
regardless of how exotic the language and expensive those services

These are the kind of costs that “welcoming” states are required to
provide. I’m sick and tired of the feds dumping costs on local
taxpayers. The Refugee Act of 1980 promised that state and local
governments would not be forced to pay these costs. They lied, but
what else would you expect from a bill written by Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden and signed by Jimmy Carter? That says it all.

Finally, once a state says that refugees are welcome they will have
no choice as to what kind of refugees they receive. This is a problem
because most refugees are chosen by the UNHCR, a corrupt institution
run by an organization that hates us. Politicians are always saying
these people are seriously vetted, but that’s a lie. Many countries
sending us refugees are failed states that have little info on the
people they are choosing and we’re supposed to trust the UN.

While I am sure you’ll be getting lots of mail from refugee
contractors, this is one from an actual voter. Just say NO to more

Thank you for reading!

By the way, Idaho has taken a lot of refugees over the years, so the Governor could simply say that the state needs a breather, time for the existing refugees to assimilate.

Shame on You if You Don’t Take 15 Minutes to Do This!

This post is filed in my ‘Where to find information category’ where all of my recent posts on this make-or-break issue may be found.

See the right hand side bar for the governors who have caved already and told the President that they want more impoverished refugees placed in their (your!) state.

As I said in my post this morning:

If you are contacting elected officials please send me feedback at

Idaho Senator Wants Special Refugee Program for Syrians and Kurds

“It is the ‘Invade the World/Invite the World’ attitude.”

(A critic of the proposal echoing a common theme of the President)


The Senator’s idea is to add thousands to the President’s 2020 refugee cap for those who ‘supposedly’ helped us to defeat ISIS.  He recommends flying them here ASAP.

The Senator is a Republican—Idaho Senator Jim Risch, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

He is running for a third term, see here.

Thanks to several readers who tipped me off to this news reported by Neil Munro at Breitbart last Thursday:

GOP Sen. Jim Risch Offers Citizenship to Kurdish, Syrian Populations

Sen. Jim Risch (R-ID) is pushing a new bill that would transport many Muslims from chaotic Syria and Kurdistan into America’s schools and workplaces.

The bill creates a refugee program for Syrians and Kurds who claim to have helped U.S.-funded armed groups, such as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Risch is the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, so his legislation may pass as soon as this week.

But his bill would provide a “carve-out” in refugee law for Middle Eastern fighters, said a source. Also, the uncapped refugee inflow would include many unvetted and unidentified people because U.S. officials cannot prevent or even detect fraud in the war-torn areas occupied by hostile or corrupt warlords, said the source.

Once people are admitted as refugees, they are put on a fast-track to citizenship.

The program would import Syria’s chaotically diverse cultures and conflicts back into the United States, the official said, adding, “It is the ‘Invade the World/Invite the World’ attitude.”

The legislation reflects the politicians’ starry-eyed support for foreign groups, regardless of the cost inflicted on Americans, the official said. “They care more about Syrians than they care about Americans,” the source said.


Risch’s bill is titled S.2641 and is named “Promoting American National Security and Preventing the Resurgence of ISIS Act of 2019.” It was introduced October 17.

The bill cuts a hole through current refugee law to allow many Kurds and Syrians to be flown out of the war zone into the United States, providing they claim a connection to groups who were supported or funded by the U.S. government during the last few years….

There is much more, continue reading here.

The driving force for more refugees in Idaho is the ‘need’ for a continuous supply of cheap labor for large industries including dairy and, dare I say, yogurt manufacturing.  Pols are eager to please their industry backers.


A 2018 tweet speaks volumes!


A trip down memory lane!

I guess the Senator has forgotten the 2015 controversy about the possibility of Syrian refugees being placed in Idaho!  The mere suggestion created a firestorm of public outrage.

Trying to silence the critics, the big paper there called citizens who had expressed fear at the prospect—“paranoid!”

I have an extensive archive on Idaho that new readers might want to visit to get up to speed on what has happened there over the last five years as refugee contractors push for more refugees to ‘welcome’ to the state.

Indeed rumors are swirling that contractors in Washington state have begun to move refugees across state lines into northern Idaho.

Idahoans should take the lead and let their Republican Senator know how they feel about more Middle Eastern (Religion of Peace) refugees coming to Idaho and to America!

Will the President Stand Firm on Determination to Admit 18,000 Refugees this Year?

Any day now, the Administration will send a delegation to the Hill to consult with the House and Senate Judiciary Committees on the President’s plan to admit a maximum number of 18,000 refugees to the US in FY2020 (the fiscal year began on October 1).

A reminder:  Trump set the level for FY19 at 30,000 and reached that ceiling on September 30th.  An 18,000 ceiling for FY20 would be the lowest in the program’s history.

Over the last couple of weeks there have been dozens and dozens of stories planted throughout America each one showcasing some poor refugee family that would not be reunited if the ceiling is that low.  And, without fail, the articles tell us which of the resettlement contractors had to close subcontractor offices.

Frankly I have read so many of these whiny stories I want to barf.  That said, I would like you to have a look at this one from Twin Falls, Idaho where the local resettlement subcontractor is expected to continue in operation for another year at least and my guess is that is in order to keep a refugee worker flow going to Chobani Yogurt.  See my Twin Falls archive here.

However, when quoting the director of the program there, the reporter, Megan Taros, says something that is not factually correct and I want to mention that to you:

A new executive order issued by President Trump last month that cuts the number of refugees the U.S. will accept from 30,000 to 18,000 this fiscal year threatens the center’s funding. The center receives federal money based on the number of people it takes in. With the new order its approved intake, which is now 140, may drop. Congress will meet on Tuesday to decide what the final nationwide cap on refugees will be.

Maybe the consultation will happen today as the reporter suggests, but Congress will NOT DECIDE ON THE FINAL NATIONWIDE CAP.  Congress’ only role under the Refugee Act of 1980 is a consultation role when it comes to setting the upcoming ceiling/cap (but of course they do appropriate the funding for the President’s plan).

That said, it will be interesting to see if over the last few weeks, the massive media PR campaign (like the one here in Twin Falls)  by the refugee industry has succeeded in getting the administration to up its original number of 18,000!

The article also reminded me to direct you to the Refugee Council USA‘s (lobbyists for the refugee industry) report which lists the subcontractor offices that have been closed since the Trump Administration began reducing the number of refugees being admitted.

Please take a minute and go here to see if an office has closed in your city.

Scroll down to page 23 to see the list.  Here is a screenshot of the first page:

Trump can’t do this alone!

If you want to see the Refugee Program dumped or reformed, you must get involved now where you live.  This is no time to sit back and assume the President is taking care of this.  The refugee industry is extremely well funded and has a massive media network.

As soon as the Trump Administration ends—it will sooner or later—they will be back full steam ahead and they have been laying the ground work with the sob-story news reports spread throughout small city newspapers everywhere.

One thing you can do right now is to send letters or opinion pieces to papers like this one to express the theme I think is most powerful—why aren’t we taking care of our own vulnerable people first?  After all, we the taxpayers are paying for all of this!  Use some statistics or sad stories about your community.

And, it goes without saying, you absolutely must attempt to elect people to local offices that represent your views on the subject of mass migration!  Start now by dogging candidates for the 2020 Elections and press them on their views on immigration!


Idaho Refugee Sob Story Sounds Fishy to me!

My alerts are filled to the brim day after day with stories from around the US featuring a sob story for some refugee who won’t be able to reunite with a family member because there is a meany in the White House.

Inevitably a sad tale anchors a story which tells readers in a state—in this case Idaho—about how bad the Trump Administration’s proposed refugee ceiling of 18,000 is going to be on the refugee resettlement industry that derives most of its funding from the taxpayer—from you and me.

At least this story does mention the fact that federal funding is tied to the number of refugees admitted. But, I got a laugh when I saw that the report from Idaho Press uses the International Rescue Committee as the example of an agency singing the budgetary blues.

Heck! The IRC’s head honcho makes nearly a $1 million a year salary—a figure that has jumped at least a quarter of a million since Trump took office!

They simply can’t be that bad off!

Idaho IRC Director Tzul.

The IRC’s Idaho representative Julianne Tzul told the Idaho Press:

Much of IRC’s funding comes from federal grants based on the number of refugees it serves, and Tzul expects to have “a wild ride to plan a budget when you don’t know if a major (funding) component is zero or is healthy.”

Still, Tzul said the agency has “no intention of going away.”

But, that isn’t the part that I want to tell you about.  It is the part about their featured Iraqi refugee sob story.

(Virtually every article I’ve read in recent days features some family that has been separated.  Instructions must have gone out to every resettlement office in America to find a family separation story to feed to the local press!).

Here is the headline of this one from Idaho:

What new refugee limit could mean for the Treasure Valley


BOISE — Under the Trump’s administration’s latest cap on refugee resettlement, Idaho refugees who have been separated from their families will likely have to wait longer to be reunited, and local resettlement agencies are expecting a dip in federal funding.

“We are going to see fewer refugees make it to Boise,” said Julianne Tzul, director of International Rescue Committee’s Boise office. “When total national numbers contract, they contract everywhere.”

The Trump administration last week announced an 18,000 cap on the number of refugees resettled in the U.S. this fiscal year, which started Tuesday. Trump’s final decision on the cap must include consultation with Congress, which could push for a higher total, according to the Associated Press.

Ahmed Al Abboodi wants his son to join him in Idaho, but Trump is standing in the way.

The historically low cap would affect people like Ali Al Abboodi, a 28-year-old from Baghdad who was separated from his family in 2014 while they were traveling to Boise to be resettled. His family has worked with U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, in trying to secure his entry into the U.S.


After seven years in Syria, the family moved back to Iraq to await permission to become refugees in the United States. They received refugee status and flew to Boise in January 2014. Ali Al Abboodi’s case was separated from the rest of his family, but the plan was he would follow the family to Boise a few days later.

I want to know why wasn’t he with the family as they were shuffling around between Syria and Iraq?  Why was his case separated as the family left for Boise?

And then this: Are we really expected to believe that someone just dying to be reunited with his family in the US missed TWO scheduled flights that would take him to America?

Idaho Press continues….

Republican Senator Crapo to the rescue!

Ali Al Abboodi missed his first flight because of traffic and missed his second because of a car wreck, according to the family. After that, his case for refugee status was closed.

In 2017, Trump restricted travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Iraq, further hindering Ali Al Abboodi’s ability to travel to the U.S.

Ahmed Al Abboodi did not let the travel bans stop him from trying to get his son to Boise. He met with Crapo with his caseworker, and urged the senator to help his family. Crapo helped reopen Ali Al Abboodi’s case for refugee status.

What do you think?  I’m thinking there is more to this story than we are being told!

More here.

See my ever-expanding archive on ‘welcoming’ Idaho by clicking here.