Will the President Stand Firm on Determination to Admit 18,000 Refugees this Year?

Any day now, the Administration will send a delegation to the Hill to consult with the House and Senate Judiciary Committees on the President’s plan to admit a maximum number of 18,000 refugees to the US in FY2020 (the fiscal year began on October 1).

A reminder:  Trump set the level for FY19 at 30,000 and reached that ceiling on September 30th.  An 18,000 ceiling for FY20 would be the lowest in the program’s history.

Over the last couple of weeks there have been dozens and dozens of stories planted throughout America each one showcasing some poor refugee family that would not be reunited if the ceiling is that low.  And, without fail, the articles tell us which of the resettlement contractors had to close subcontractor offices.

Frankly I have read so many of these whiny stories I want to barf.  That said, I would like you to have a look at this one from Twin Falls, Idaho where the local resettlement subcontractor is expected to continue in operation for another year at least and my guess is that is in order to keep a refugee worker flow going to Chobani Yogurt.  See my Twin Falls archive here.

However, when quoting the director of the program there, the reporter, Megan Taros, says something that is not factually correct and I want to mention that to you:

A new executive order issued by President Trump last month that cuts the number of refugees the U.S. will accept from 30,000 to 18,000 this fiscal year threatens the center’s funding. The center receives federal money based on the number of people it takes in. With the new order its approved intake, which is now 140, may drop. Congress will meet on Tuesday to decide what the final nationwide cap on refugees will be.

Maybe the consultation will happen today as the reporter suggests, but Congress will NOT DECIDE ON THE FINAL NATIONWIDE CAP.  Congress’ only role under the Refugee Act of 1980 is a consultation role when it comes to setting the upcoming ceiling/cap (but of course they do appropriate the funding for the President’s plan).

That said, it will be interesting to see if over the last few weeks, the massive media PR campaign (like the one here in Twin Falls)  by the refugee industry has succeeded in getting the administration to up its original number of 18,000!

The article also reminded me to direct you to the Refugee Council USA‘s (lobbyists for the refugee industry) report which lists the subcontractor offices that have been closed since the Trump Administration began reducing the number of refugees being admitted.

Please take a minute and go here to see if an office has closed in your city.

Scroll down to page 23 to see the list.  Here is a screenshot of the first page:

Trump can’t do this alone!

If you want to see the Refugee Program dumped or reformed, you must get involved now where you live.  This is no time to sit back and assume the President is taking care of this.  The refugee industry is extremely well funded and has a massive media network.

As soon as the Trump Administration ends—it will sooner or later—they will be back full steam ahead and they have been laying the ground work with the sob-story news reports spread throughout small city newspapers everywhere.

One thing you can do right now is to send letters or opinion pieces to papers like this one to express the theme I think is most powerful—why aren’t we taking care of our own vulnerable people first?  After all, we the taxpayers are paying for all of this!  Use some statistics or sad stories about your community.

And, it goes without saying, you absolutely must attempt to elect people to local offices that represent your views on the subject of mass migration!  Start now by dogging candidates for the 2020 Elections and press them on their views on immigration!


3 thoughts on “Will the President Stand Firm on Determination to Admit 18,000 Refugees this Year?

  1. The level of virtue signaling insanity emanating from the left is truly disturbing to all thoughtful Americans. I hope supporters of Trump understand he’s part of a “First Step” program to shake off this leftist addiction to dopamine hits from the signaling. We have to push this normalization of policy forward into multiple administrations to cement it into place. Working class Americans of ALL colors have not had a raise in over 40 years when you adjust for inflation. Globalists are partially to blame but the largest factor is mass immigration and illegal aliens who are readily exploited by our Ruling Class as slave-like labor thus suppressing wages. This is class warfare and many have worked as useful idiots to bring about their own decline .

  2. I read most all of this information while I am sure there is a lot of truth co-mingling in the written Deep State Sales program, but Trump’s right to flush these mostly corrupt programs and start over for all the right reasons this time. Easy to disguise your greedy intentions as well meaning and hidden behind the chaos! I hate it for the family’s being mislead Shouldn’t be happening, but the system is Broken. Trying to fix a car while still driving is very difficult.

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