Sec. of State Pompeo Consulted with Senate Committee on Refugees, No Media Again

On Tuesday while representatives of the Refugee Industry did their “civil disobedience” stunt and got arrested, see here, a legally required consultation occurred with Secretary of State Pompeo and Acting USCIS Director Cuccinelli meeting with the leadership (or at least one leader) of the Senate Judiciary Committee to formally tell Congress that refugee admissions for FY2020 will be capped at 18,000.

In 2015, as leader of the Senate ‘Jihad Caucus,’ Senator Durbin was pushing for the admission of 100,000 Syrians to the US.

How do we know?

Not from any media publication, but only from a press release from Senator Dick Durbin’s office where he chastises the Trump team for being late with their consultation.

I know this is likely boring as heck for most of you, but there is a process required by the Refugee Act of 1980 that has been given short shrift for decades.

For years there was only a perfunctory consultation, often in the closing days of September, where members of Congress never suggested any changes— indeed why bother when both Democrat and Republican presidents were proposing hefty refugee admission numbers.

The House and Senate Judiciary Committees are required to hold hearings as well. However, only Senator Jeff Sessions ever held any type of real substantive hearing on the program in the last decade.

So it is rich that here (press release) Durbin is so obsessed with a process that few on the Hill ever cared a wit about (before Trump!):

In Consultation After Legally-Required Deadline, Durbin Presses Trump Administration On Dismal Refugee Resettlement Goal

In A Meeting With Secretary Pompeo And Acting USCIS Director Cuccinelli, Durbin Called Out Trump Admin’s Decision To Further Erode U.S. Role As Worldwide Leader On Refugees

U.S. Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL), Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee, today met with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Acting U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Ken Cuccinelli to press the Trump Administration on its dismal refugee resettlement goal of merely 18,000 to the U.S. in the coming year.

Prior to any presidential determination on the number of refugees to be admitted in the upcoming fiscal year, the law requires that Cabinet-level officials representing the President engage in an in-person consultation with Senate and House Judiciary Committee leaders.

The law is clear that the consultation must occur before the start of the fiscal year. This consultation, on October 15, is after the start of the new fiscal year and in violation of the statute. For the third year in a row, the Trump Administration willfully disregarded the law regarding their obligation to consult with Congress prior to the end of the fiscal year.

More here if you are interested.