Reason Writer: Bring the Kurds to America as Refugees (WTH!)

Reason, as many of you know is a Libertarian operation.

Here Reason senior analyst Shikha Dalmia makes the argument that we (America, you, the taxpayers!) could save the Kurds (Sunni Muslims) from the Turks by resettling them in our towns and cities.

Let the Kurds Come to America


Shikha Dalmia

America could safeguard Kurdish lives by offering them a quick way out and arrange their evacuation. There are less than a million Kurds in SDF-controlled Syria.

Even if they all came to the U.S., America could absorb them without breaking a sweat. And not all of them would even come. Kurds have been fighting for their own homeland ever since the European powers carved the Kurdish population into several pieces after World War I, handing each to Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. So many of them won’t abandon their struggle and flee. But Kurdish fighters may appreciate a safe haven for their spouses and children. The least America can do is give them that option.

Of course that will require Trump to lift his “Muslim” travel ban and revive America’s near-dead refugee program.

More here.

This is nuts as you will see if you take a minute and search for ‘Kurdish gangs in Nashville!

The inter-Islam conflicts of the Middle East that have gone on for centuries are not our problem!

18 Arrested on Capitol Hill Protesting Trump Refugee Policy, but where was the Media?

***Update***  I just went back after a few hours to see if any national media has picked up the news, and nope, nothing yet. A few more bits of news by the protesters themselves, like this Catholic news outfit crowing that the Catholics (not to be left out!) were there too!

Okay, so yesterday was the big protest day for Church World Service and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) so I figured surely there would be gobs of media reports on the success of their anti-Trump protest especially since they succeeded in getting arrested!

Where is the WaPo?  Where is CNN?  Anyone see any coverage?

By the way, who comes up with this hokey stuff?

The only news I found so far comes from organizers Amnesty International and another Lefty outfit called Common Dreams.

Is this goofy or what! That is the Rev. McCullough of Church World Service on the far left. He pulls in an annual salary and benefits package of nearly $300,000 from the quasi-government CWS. Looks like Anne Richard, Obama’s refugee chief next to him, and then of course CAIR’s Nihad Awad fourth from the left.

Here is Amnesty:

In response to the Trump Administration’s continued assault on the U.S. refugee resettlement program, 18 leaders from the nation’s leading faith and human rights organizations, as well as a former State Department official, were arrested on Capitol Hill as part of the first ever act of civil disobedience in the name of refugee resettlement. Those 18 arrested represented the 18,000 refugee cap set by the Trump administration – the lowest in the history of the resettlement program.
Continue reading here if you want to see what each of the protesters had to say.  If not, see who sponsored the publicity stunt:
Today’s protest was cosponsored by: Church World Service, Sahloul, Franciscan Action Network, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns, Center for Victims of Torture, Leadership Conference of Women Religious, NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, Southeast Asia Resource Action Center, Amnesty International USA, Disciples Refugee and Immigration Ministries, American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee, Congregations Action Network, Presbyterian Church USA, United Church of Christ, Sojourners, NOVA Friends of Refugees/One Journey.
Where is HIAS I wondered, they usually love to protest in Washington?
The large gathering…..
For more information and more photos, visit Common Dreams.