Reason Writer: Bring the Kurds to America as Refugees (WTH!)

Reason, as many of you know is a Libertarian operation.

Here Reason senior analyst Shikha Dalmia makes the argument that we (America, you, the taxpayers!) could save the Kurds (Sunni Muslims) from the Turks by resettling them in our towns and cities.

Let the Kurds Come to America


Shikha Dalmia

America could safeguard Kurdish lives by offering them a quick way out and arrange their evacuation. There are less than a million Kurds in SDF-controlled Syria.

Even if they all came to the U.S., America could absorb them without breaking a sweat. And not all of them would even come. Kurds have been fighting for their own homeland ever since the European powers carved the Kurdish population into several pieces after World War I, handing each to Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. So many of them won’t abandon their struggle and flee. But Kurdish fighters may appreciate a safe haven for their spouses and children. The least America can do is give them that option.

Of course that will require Trump to lift his “Muslim” travel ban and revive America’s near-dead refugee program.

More here.

This is nuts as you will see if you take a minute and search for ‘Kurdish gangs in Nashville!

The inter-Islam conflicts of the Middle East that have gone on for centuries are not our problem!

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3 thoughts on “Reason Writer: Bring the Kurds to America as Refugees (WTH!)

  1. Muslims need Jesus. He changes our hearts when we give our lives to Him in salvation. My friend worked with Kurds years ago, who were immigrants. She does not think much of them as to their societal issues.

  2. This is just another example of the Piven Cloward strategy. We cannot sustain unlimited people coming into our country. If given the option, how many would truly want to come here anyhow? The left will do anything to destroy our country, which give billions in aid to everyone and their cousins. Look at countries like Japan, zero immigrants, or Saudi Arabia….. Why don’t the leftists put pressure on these middle east countries that are so much closer? Answer is obvious.

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