Trump Administration to prioritize Africans in FY19 refugee admissions to US

For years we have been flying Africans to America and placing them in hundreds of US towns and cities, and President Trump’s State Department will continue that trend as its number one refugee admissions priority!


Congolese-refugees (1)
The UN asked the US to take in 50,000 Congolese over 5 years and we are doing just that!



Frankly, as I said just yesterday if Africa doesn’t soon slow its population growth and get the Islamic extremists under control, Africa is going to sink first Europe, and then us under the weight of millions of needy (mostly unskilled) people in the not too distant future.

Based on current trends, Africa as a whole is projected to double in [population] size by 2050. Between 2050 and 2100, according to the United Nations, it could almost double again.

(from 1 about 1.3 billion in 2018 to over 4 billion in 2100!)

Yikes!  See the Africa ticking (time bomb) population clock, here.

Trump to prioritize Africa….. 

cover fy19 report

Although the US State Department has announced a greatly lowered refugee cap (30,000) for the coming fiscal year which begins this coming Monday! the administration will place a priority on Africans according to the just released ‘Report to Congress’ that explains why the President is setting the level where he is.

The full report released yesterday is here.

This year it is a slimmed-down version of a report I have handy for FY16 (Obama’s last full year) which is 71 pages.  The Trump report, at a mere 39 pages, does not go in to the great detail that Obama’s did.

I encourage serious students of the US Refugee Admissions Program to read it (LOL! I haven’t read it all yet, but I will!) because it is a very useful educational tool even if it is discouraging.

Here (below) is a screenshot of the Trump priorities. At least we can cheer about the dramatic slowdown in the Near East and Asia (where most of the Muslim countries, besides Africa, are found).



Screenshot (696)


And it is an improvement on Obama’s last full year when he set the ceiling for Africa at 27,500 and came in at 31,624! 

By contrast, from October 1, 2017 to September 1, 2018 (11 months of the fiscal year), Trump admitted 9,007 Africans.

But, what on earth makes anyone in the Western World think we can save Africa by serving as their population pressure valve. 

There is no way, even if we wanted to, to take enough refugees to keep up with their exploding population growth.

Let’s look at the DR Congolese 

Anne richard and UNHCR smile
Anne Richard and then UNHCR Antonio Guterres who is now Secretary General of the United Nations.  By the way, Trump is still without an Asst. Secretary of the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration

I reported here in 2013 that then Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration, Anne Richard, told the United Nations (told UNHCR Guterres) that we would ‘welcome’ to America 50,000 UN Camp-dwelling Congolese over 5 years.

I just checked Wrapsnet and although we were bringing these people prior to FY14, since Richard’s announcement we have admitted 45,667 from that fiscal year up until today.

(In fact, from FY08 to the present day, we have admitted 56,106 from the DR Congo.)

And, by the way, I checked numbers for this month and in a little over 3 weeks we admitted 684 DR Congolese refugees, followed by Burma (290) in second place. In case you are wondering, most Congolese are not Muslims but there are a few in the flow to your towns and cities.

So by my calculation we have 4,333 DR Congolese to go to fulfill a promise we never needed to make!

But, do not hold your breath that it will end at 50,000 because our track record is that we just keep taking them long after the supposed cut off number has been reached—see Burmese, Bhutanese and Somalis for starters!

Endnote: I did a quick check and am not seeing anything about prioritizing persecuted white South Africans.  Let me know if you see any mention.


UNHCR Guterres looking to resettle tens of thousands of Syrians ….

….to countries that can afford them!

UNHCR Socialist Antonio Guterres just licking his chops to pressure US into starting the Syrian migration to America.

Antonio Guterres also told The Guardian that he expected the resettlement to be as large as the one they undertook with Iraqis.  (hat tip: Mike)

Guterres compared the Syrian refugee issue to that of Iraqis during the last decade, when more than 100,000 were resettled away from the region. “If things go on for a prolonged period of time then resettlement will become a central part of our strategy,” he said. “We would like when the time comes … to be able to launch a resettlement programme as massive as the one for Iraqis.”

From 2007 to this spring, the US resettled 84,902 of the Iraqis resettled anywhere in the world, so expect the UN to put the screws to the US State Department to lead the way again.  Surely that is on-going at this very moment with the resettlement contractors busy lobbying behind-the-scenes for the State Department to bring them some Syrians to add to their diversity stew.  Incidentally, that 84,000 figure doesn’t include the earlier waves of Iraqis who came to the US as refugees, like the guy who bombed a federal building in Arizona, here.

Here is more from The Guardian:

Western countries including the US and Britain may be asked to accept tens of thousands of Syrian refugees because the exodus from the civil war is overwhelming countries in the region, the UN’s refugee chief has warned.

With no end to the war in sight, the flight of nearly 2 million people from Syria over the past two years is showing every sign of becoming a permanent population shift, like the Palestinian crises of 1948 and 1967, with grave implications for countries such as Lebanon and Jordan, UN and other humanitarian aid officials say.


In an interview with the Guardian, António Guterres, the United Nations high commissioner for refugees, said the situation was already far more than just a humanitarian crisis. If a resolution to the conflict was not found within months, the UN will look to resettle tens of thousands of Syrian refugees in countries better able to afford to host them, including Britain. Germany has already offered to take 5,000, but other offers have been limited, Guterres said.

I’m beginning to think these Muslim conflicts in the Middle East are about getting Muslim migrants spread around the Western world, or at least that is the side-benefit for Socialists like Antonio Guterres.

Reminds me to mention the Palin Doctrine—-when both sides in a conflict are shouting ‘Allahu akbar‘ and killing each other, let Allah sort it out!

Let your Senators and Members of Congress know how you feel about Syrian immigration to America during their August recess.  They will be amazed that you are on top of the news (because they likely are not!).   And, tell them that the Iraqis that came before them are heavily dependent on welfare and are suffering from high unemployment rates.

Muslim countries treat Palestinians like c***

Where have we heard this before, oh yeh, here at RRW.   As Israel is beaten over the head continually for its supposed poor treatment of Palestinians, neighboring Muslim countries don’t want them either, but the mainstream media rarely mentions that little-known fact.

So, I was surprised to see it mentioned at the Washington Post albeit only in an opinion piece, but none-the-less uttered in print.

This reminds me of the outrageous UN report a few years ago where the UN High Commissioner for Refugees says that the world’s tradition of protecting refugees and asylum seekers comes not from a Christian charity heritage but from Islamic Shariah Law.   I can’t resist repeating what that Socialist Antonio Guterres said in 2009 (here):

New York, 23 June (AKI) – The 1,400-year-old Islamic custom of welcoming people fleeing persecution has had more influence on modern international refugee law than any other traditional source, according to a new study sponsored by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

High Commissioner Antonio Guterres said that more than any other historical source, Islamic law and tradition underpin the modern-day legal framework on which UNHCR bases its global activities on behalf of the tens of millions of people forced from their homes around the world.

This includes the right of everyone to seek asylum as well as prohibitions against sending those needing protection back into danger, Guterres said in the foreword to “The Right to Asylum between Islamic Sharia and International Refugee Law: A Comparative Study.”

In the study, Professor Abu Al-Wafa, Dean of the Law Faculty at Cairo University, describes how Islamic law and tradition respects refugees, including non-Muslims; forbids forcing them to change their beliefs; avoids compromising their rights; seeks to reunite families; and guarantees the protection of their lives and property.

I went on in my post in 2009  (UN High Commissioner for Refugees lies) to list all of the MUSLIM countries that were treating refugees like crap (and in virtually all cases the refugees are Muslims themselves!).  So the only surprising thing about this opinion piece in the Washington Post is that this topic is mentioned in the Washington Post.

Here is the piece by Olga Khazan:

The news media have reported frequently on Israel’s settlement building in the West Bank and its blockade of the Gaza Strip, but the experience of Palestinians in surrounding Arab countries is less well-known.


The news media have reported frequently on Israel’s settlement building in the West Bank and its blockade of the Gaza Strip, but the experience of Palestinians in surrounding Arab countries is less well-known.

Khazan goes on to report about the poor treatment of Palestinians in Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq.   Read it, it further confirms what we have written here for years that the concept of Muslim charity is a myth!  Type ‘UN Muslim Charity’ into our search function for many posts on the subject.

LOL!  I remember discussing the issue of Muslim refugees coming to my county with my Congressman back in 2007.  (That’s about when I figured RRW needed to be written).   He was shocked to learn that the Virginia Council of Churches was doing such a thing in Maryland, dropping off impoverished Muslims, and he wondered aloud—‘Why isn’t wealthy Saudi Arabia taking these poor Muslims in?‘   Why indeed?  The truth is, that the rich Muslim country—Saudi Arabia—doesn’t TAKE ANY REFUGEES!  Also, back in 2007 we reported that Saudi Arabia was building a state-of-the-art border fence, here.   Surprise!  They want to keep Saudi Arabia for their own kind!  None of those Somali, Palestinian or Rohingya riff-raff for them!