A glimpse into our future if we don’t get immigration under control

Jesse Petrillo, head of the United American Committee, recently traveled to Europe to see for himself what uncontrolled immigration is doing to the Continent.  It is a fascinating story which ends with Geert Wilders, the embattled Dutch member of Parliment, sending a message to America: Our final day in the Netherlands MP Wilders gave us a […]

Refugees 101, and how about a complaint hotline

This is very cool, a sort of Refugees 101—a summary of  how the Refugee Resettlement Program is structured.   Taught by Barbara Day of the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, the seminar occurred as part of the Minnesota Refugee Health Conference, Nov. 5, 2008.  Hat tip: Mars. I was particularly interested in the […]

Writer at HuffPo blames FBI for not preventing Somali terrorist recruitment in US

First,  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this opinion piece at the Huffington Post this morning that readily admits terrorist recruitment and indoctrination is occurring in the US Somali community.  The writer, Faisal Roble (of Wardheernews) begins with a summary of the Minneapolis missing youths that I’m repeating here in case we have new readers unfamiliar […]

Comments worth noting: tired old arguments about immigrants

Last night after I wrote this post where I was so angry at Time magazine and the refugee-pushing lobbyists, I knew I needed to further remind readers of the primary reason we are here—why we write this blog.   And, gosh, I get up and here is a comment (from someone called CRD) worth noting to help me […]

Christian Iraqi refugees in U.S. probably will not return

Two Chaldean bishops told Catholic News Service (CNS) that Iraqi Christians will not return, although conditions in Iraq have improved. “No one in the United States will go back to Iraq or the Middle East because the future for children, (opportunities for) education and life are better here,” said Chaldean Bishop Ibrahim N. Ibrahim [of […]

The Rohingya: Time magazine now and then

I just wanted to be done for today, to relax on a Friday night, instead I am steaming mad.  A little while ago I got an “e-update” from our favorite refugee industry lobbying group, Refugees International, lamenting the plight of the Rohingya illegal aliens trying to get into Thailand. I will grant that if the reports […]

Obama sends more emergency funds to Gaza

Your tax dollars: The State Department announced just now, at the end of the day on a Friday, that the US government is dipping into emergency funds for refugees to send $20 million to Palestinians in Gaza.  That brings our FY2009 total to $120,000,000   (FY 09 began on Oct. 1, 2008). President Barack Obama has authorized […]

Open borders crowd: Obama immigration reform will come in late 2009

Update May 1:  Obama says it’s this year! Update April 9th:  New York Times is now reporting that Obama Administration is going ahead with amnesty push soon, here. Update April 8th:  Center for Immigration Studies confirms CIR will not come anytime soon, here. Or early 2010!   From New America Media: Pro-immigrant advocates believe the Obama […]

Utah refugees suffering, state to free up federal housing money

Your tax dollars: Yesterday in a post about thousands of Iraqis supposedly headed to Florida, I mentioned that Utah was one of 15 states where Iraqis had complained they could not find work. So, as if on cue, this morning there is news from Salt Lake City that Utah is attempting a last ditch plan […]

UN says Iraqi refugees will be returning home in droves

The Associated Press reports: BRUSSELS, Belgium — If the security situation in Iraq continues to improve, the number of refugees and displaced people returning to their homes could more than double this year to 500,000, the U.N. refugee agency said Thursday. After years of extreme violence Iraq is now experiencing markedly improved security, said Daniel Endres, […]