EU trying to improve its image on refugee resettlement

Seems the European Union is trying to come up with some refugee scheme that won’t serve as a pull-factor that would only encourage more illegal aliens to try to reach Europe.  Good luck with that! From the Ottawa Citizen: BRUSSELS – The EU this week unveils plans to boost and coordinate Europe’s response to the […]

State of Minnesota wants more refugees; agencies will have to work harder

That’s what I take away from the article today at MinnPost.  Apparently most of Minnesota’s refugee resettlement has been through family reunification but that program is still suspended due to the discovery of widespread fraud more than a year ago.  If  Minnesota wants a lot more refugees, and according to this story they do, they need […]

Minnesota inquiry into possible taxpayer funds going to a mosque

Your tax dollars: Here is the latest on the ongoing funny money business alleged with a Muslim charter school in Minneapolis.  Now there appears to be a mosque connection.  From the Star Tribune thanks to a friend from Tennessee. State officials are examining whether public money has been improperly used to pay for Islamic mosques […]

Everyone must write a blog! Like this one in Nashville!

Someone just now brought this great blog to my attention—it’s called ACT West Nashville.   ACT is the American Congress for Truth and Nashville is fortunate to have a very active ACT  chapter!  It reminds me that I haven’t done my harangue recently to tell you all you must write your own blog.  They are simple to set up […]

Grand Island, NE: CAIR (with handmaiden EEOC) wins another one

AND!  Surprise (not)!  Another Somali Ethnic Community Based Organization is born!  We reported extensively last year about the demands of Somali Muslim workers for religious accommodations at the JBS Swift & Co plant in Grand Island.   You can visit our category that includes the controversy at the Swift plant in Greeley as well, here. The gist of […]

Sierra Club sounds downright gleeful about ‘global warming refugees’

Last night I spent some time in a sort of stream of consciousness exercise that took me from the death of  Ted Kennedy (a wealthy man who liked to take your money and give it to the poor, but wasn’t interested in distributing his money directly to the poor immigrant), to the assasination of his brother by […]

Industry news: Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services President to resign Tuesday

Although this is probably not news for most insiders in the refugee resettlement industry, we just learned about it yesterday.    Ralston H. Deffenbaugh Jr who had been President of one of the largest of the monopolistic  Top Ten federal government contracting resettlement agencies since 1991 said back in April, here, that he was resigning with some gobbledegook […]

No Kennedy in coming immigration battles

Here is an article, to follow-up my post the other day, from the Christian Science Monitor that I’m posting because first it summarizes Senator Kennedy’s role in the immigration debate in this country for nearly 5 decades, something we all should know, and there are a couple of comments that I particularly agree with. Here is how the […]

High percentage of refugees entering Australia are sick

This is not news to us.  Although it’s been awhile since we have posted on the issue of refugees entering the US with major diseases (see our Health issues category for lots of those stories) I suspect that refugees with communicable diseases like TB and HIV Aids are coming into the US daily. So, for our […]