No Kennedy in coming immigration battles

Here is an article, to follow-up my post the other day, from the Christian Science Monitor that I’m posting because first it summarizes Senator Kennedy’s role in the immigration debate in this country for nearly 5 decades, something we all should know, and there are a couple of comments that I particularly agree with.

Here is how the article begins:

The next round of immigration reform promised by President Obama will be the first in more than 50 years that does not involve Sen. Edward Kennedy.

His record on the issue has quite literally changed the face of the nation.

From the 1965 overhaul that ended a system of national quotas to the failed drive launched in 2007 for comprehensive reform, Kennedy has been at the front lines making the case for a more open immigration system.

Read on and check out the comments.

Here is one from Bob I agree with.  We have written many times about how refugees are supported by the taxpayer while big businesses (like the meatpackers) employ them at wages below what they can live on.  Furthermore, I continue to be perplexed about the religious Left, eg Church World Service or the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, working hand in glove with giant corporations to deliver them cheap labor at the expense of poor American blacks and other blue collar workers.


Open immigration policies combined with a welfare state results in corporations externalizing their costs to society. Ted Kennedy favored both. Because the costs of maintaining a new mouth to feed, cloth, shelter and education can be pushed on the taxpayer, a corporate business can be ‘profitable’ even though the inputs of their process (when you include the FULL cost of the new immigrant) exceed the value of the output, in other words, economically degenerate.

It’s no coincidence that a country that favors economically degenerate policies is going bankrupt, and has to borow more and more to keep afloat.

Ted Kennedy’s legacy is an elite smuggly patting itself on the back in gated communities like Hyanisport, while the general welfare of the average citizen slips ever toward a 3rd world existence.

Herman King, another commenter, also raises the elitism point.

Why in the world would any decent person mourn the coward of Chappaquiddick, the man who did everything he could to turn this nation into a third world country while he and his rich clan lived safely in gated communities?The fawning over Kennedy turned my stomach.

I’m wondering if it’s safe to turn the TV on yet tonight.

Immigration Daily is at it again!

Those twentysomethings over at Immigration Daily still think their old tactics work—the name calling.  What did Glenn Beck say yesterday, keep bringing out the facts and stand up to them!  Sticks and stones and so forth!

Editorials like this one just make me laugh.  The Open Borders/One Worlders can throw tantrums like this one, but it doesn’t work anymore.  Oh, it might work on a few wussy Members of Congress, but not on the millions of Americans who have had it with the big businesses/unions/and church groups working side by side to destroy our borders and exploit immigrants for their own selfish purposes and hurt regular middle and lower income Americans while they are at it.

Here is some of the rant: 

130 pro-immigration advocates were recently invited to the White House for a meeting with Secretary Napolitano, where President Obama made a surprise, albeit brief, appearance. The anti-immigrationists were not invited.

I told you about this meeting, here, a couple of weeks ago.  Immigration Daily did us a great service by saying that no one concerned with border security was in attendance, that this is the open borders lobby getting ready for the next big push.   It let us see clearly the cabal of unions, big businesses, advocacy groups and churches aligned against average Americans.

I could comment on every line of the rant, but haven’t the time.  Here is one line that really made me laugh:

And here we use the term “cutting edge” pejoratively (we do not suggest that it is politically improper to oppose a President, only that the form of opposition selected by the antis is improper).

Oh my gosh, was this writer living in a bubble for the last eight years and missed the vile attacks on George Bush.  I attended some ‘support the troops’ rallies in Washington against the Far Left (the same people working to open our borders) and it was an eye-opener to witness the meanness of the Left and their anarchist friends.  No peace and love from them.

Oh, and here we go, the big bad “R” word.  Now I am rolling on the floor laughing.

The unifying theme behind the anti-immigrationists and the anti-Obamites is the same – racism.

You know, I actually love it when someone calls names—birthers, racists, haters, and the list goes on, you know, xenophobes, islamophobes and so forth.  Keep it up!

High percentage of refugees entering Australia are sick

This is not news to us.  Although it’s been awhile since we have posted on the issue of refugees entering the US with major diseases (see our Health issues category for lots of those stories) I suspect that refugees with communicable diseases like TB and HIV Aids are coming into the US daily.

So, for our Australian readers you might want to check out this story about a new report on the high numbers of sick, mostly Africans, entering Australia.

There is a high prevalence of treatable but asymptomatic diseases in African refugee children arriving to Australia, and few are screened despite having already had contact with primary care, new Australian research suggests.

A study of 240 newly arrived refugee children by Sydney’s Children Hospital at Westmead found a high prevalence of asymptomatic TB, schistosomiasis, malaria and hepatitis B.

Disease prevalence was highest in refugees from Africa, who now comprise three-quarters of Australia’s annual humanitarian resettlement, the study in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health (online 20 August) found.


In 2006, 40% of the 12,700 refugees granted resettlement visas in Australia settled in the Sydney metropolitan area, but it is estimated that only one in five access specialised refugee health services.

Note that the concern is not about how many are sick and possibly should be turned away, its just how many are not identified before entering the country.