Now he knows about the Australian Somali terror network

I just told you last night that Omar Jamal is into everything going on in the Somali community, not just in Minneapolis, but now it seems across the whole world.  Here, as reported at Bartamaha, his insider knowledge is (again) on full display.

AUSTRALIAN Somalis have been denied entry to the US as recently as May and at least three flew to their war-torn homeland to fight in late 2006, American activists claim.

Minneapolis Somali Justice Advocacy Centre director Omar Jamal said two Australian Somalis had tried to enter the US to attend a fundraising conference three months ago.

“They were from Australia and they were denied entry to the US,” he said.

Also, one Somali killed in 2006 during a clash between al-Shabaab jihadists and Somali government forces was found with an Australian passport, Mr Jamal said.

US members of the al-Shabaab extremist group, which is linked to al-Qaida, have been travelling to Australia for the past six years, one US Somali leader said.

Somali American Abdirizak Bihi* fears Australians, like his nephew Burhan Hassan, 17, have fled their homes and joined al-Shabaab in Somalia.

“We have been hearing of people who were fighting and died in the Islamist war as far back as 2006 who flew in from Melbourne that died in this war,” Mr Bihi said.

* We have heard directly from Abdirizak Bihi here, and I remarked about his willingness to confront the local Imams and CAIR and I don’t want to diminish that bravery by questioning how on earth Bihi’s comrade in arms Omar Jamal is into everything!  His ‘knowledge’ strains credulity!

What a coincidence that an editor of Bartamaha, the Somali publication that posted this story, was attacked and nearly killed in Minneapolis two nights ago.  I just a few minutes ago posted that news, here.  However I see that his beating took place the night before this story was published, so perhaps no connection.

Al Shabaab recruitment strategies point to international terror goals

Here is a long and detailed article published by McClatchy two days ago giving us more details about Somali terrorist recruitment and the threat it poses for the West and our allies including Kenya.

To Somali experts, however, the recruitment effort reflects the influence of al-Shabaab’s “foreign wing,” a small group of commanders with links to extremist groups in the Middle East and other regions. Under their leadership, al-Shabaab has morphed from a homegrown law-and-order movement into a wannabe al-Qaida affiliate in East Africa, with designs on carrying out attacks in foreign lands.

Islamic scholar says he warned Australian Government about Somali radicalization

Dr Herse Hilole said he told Australian officials that Somali refugees in Australia were being seduced by Islamic extremists, but said he was disappointed when his warnings were not taken seriously.

From Australia’s ABC News:

Two years ago, Islamic scholar Dr Herse Hilole warned that young Somali refugees in Melbourne were being seduced by Islamic extremists.

Dr Herse Hilole is now a resident academic at the International Islamic University in Kuala Lumpur.

He told ABC radio’s The World Today that he expected this terrorist activity in Australia.

“My suspicion was that young Somali Muslims could be or may be used in the future to carry [out] some terrorist activities in Australia,” he said.

Dr Hilole has criticised the Federal Government’s response to his warning two years ago.

“The response at the beginning was good, but the current Government of Australia … [it] seems that they did not take this seriously,” he said.

For the original story on the Australian terrorism bust, go here.

Somali youth leader attacked and nearly killed in Minneapolis

I don’t know yet if this is related to the Somali (former refugee) missing youths issue or just more of the same—gang violence in the Somali “community” of Minneapolis.  From Mnnesota Public Radio yesterday:

St. Paul, Minn. — The editor of a popular news Web site for young Somalis around the world was attacked last night in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Mohamoud Treek, 22, said he was on his way to visit a friend at Riverside Plaza around midnight, when he saw at least two men jump out of a car. Treek said one of the men apparently hit him in the face with his gun. 

Treek said while he can’t remember most of the incident, his friends said the man tried to shoot Treek — but the gun was jammed. Treek lost consciousness and woke up at Hennepin County Medical Center.

Treek, who organized a Somali youth leadership summit at the University of Minnesota last month, said the incident was a wake-up call.

“It makes me stronger, I guess,” he said. “Now I know what I’m dealing with. Now I know this is real. It happens 24-7. If it happens to me, it’s going to happen to somebody else. Eventually, somebody is going to get killed.”

Treek is the editor of

What are you “dealing with?”  What is “real? ” Yesterday, we had Omar Jamal dancing around identifying the evil-doers in the Somali community and now Treek.  Who are the bad guys?  We would all like to know.

Batch of Uighurs ready to go to Palau

Here is a Uighur update thanks to Blulitespecial.   It appears that some of these Chinese Muslims from Gitmo, once destined to be resettled in Virginia, have agreed they will try Palau afterall.

KOROR, Palau – Some Chinese Muslims still detained at Guantanamo Bay have overcome reservations about being sent to the remote Pacific nation of Palau, and a final deal on their relocation was close, a lawyer for two of them said Wednesday.

The Uighur detainees met with U.S. State Department officials on Monday and informed the diplomats they are now willing to move to Palau, said George Clarke, a lawyer acting for two of the inmates who took part in the talks.

Apparently their initial hesitancy was because they figured that the Chincse government could just come and get them there.  I don’t know what the Obama Administration has promised them,  maybe their very own Secret Service agents for protection.

The 13 Uighurs, Turkic Muslims from the far west of China, have been held by the United States since their capture in Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2001. The Pentagon determined last year that they were not “enemy combatants,” but they have been in legal limbo ever since.

China considers them separatists and has demanded they be sent home for trial. U.S. officials have said the men could be executed if they are returned to China and have refused to send them there.

Of course, one of the questions on Blulitespecial’s mind, and mine too, is:  What is going to keep them in Palau?

For more on Uighurs (also spelled Uighers) use our search function.