Syracuse: Refugees march against racism (?)

About 200 refugees marched for “peace” and an end to racism in Syracuse, NY on Saturday.  If one were to take a quick glance at the story and didn’t know some of the background the immediate assumption one would come to is that the refugees have experienced racism in Syracuse at the hands of white Americans.  Not so. 

One has to read through the story to find near the end that the problems stem from African-Americans acting violently toward immigrants, especially against their own black brothers from Africa (although some violence goes the other way, Somalis acting violently toward American blacks), demonstrating just how casually the word ‘racism’ is used as a club.

This is the article from the Post-Standard, note the mention of the perpetrators of “racism” is many paragraphs into the story:

Syracuse, NY – Cyprien Mihigo said he often feels helpless when he sees and hears about the harassment of refugees on Syracuse’s North Side.

On Saturday, Mihigo found something he could do about it.

“Yes, peace,” he yelled.

“No violence,” hundreds of people shouted back as they walked together in a march for peace.

At least 200 people showed up at the White Branch Library, on Butternut Street, Saturday morning to show their support for peace between the new refugee residents and their neighbors on North side.


Refugees from Myanmar, Bhutan and other countries have been attacked with rocks, fists and knives in the neighborhood where they live. The attacks often go unreported by people who speak little or no English or have experienced police persecution by law enforcement officials in their homelands, Syracuse police and refugee resettlement agency officials say.


Many children marched. Some of the tension is between refugee children and African American children. Two years ago, a dispute between African refugees and other black children who ride the bus from H.W. Smith School prompted school officials to send children home on separate buses.

We have written about Syracuse here, and some time ago we told you the same thing was happening in Roanoke, VA and Moline, ILHere is more on the tension between immigrants and American blacks.

Why does this keep happening?  Because it is human nature to protect one’s territory.  We are tribal by nature and the politically correct multicultural worshipers in the refugee industry keep plunking differant cultures down in the middle of poor black neighborhoods that, not surprisingly, have their own culture!  And, I am sure the poor blacks see the refugees getting stuff (government goodies) they don’t get!

There can only be a few reasons why the resettlement agencies keep trying to mix up the races and cultures.  Either they are cheap and they want the cheapest housing they can find and a black neighborhood is a likely choice, or they are staffed by a bunch of  young naive multiculturalists experimenting with forcing love and peace on disparate cultures, or they are following the Alinsky strategy of purposefully promoting chaos to bring about change.  None of those choices speak well of the resettlement agencies.

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