Another Bhutanese refugee robbed at gunpoint

This time it’s Georgia and there were no murders, but funny I have to read this in  Bhutan News Service rather than an American publication.   Below is the whole short article.

One refugee girl was robbed by a group of three people yesterday at around 12 AM local time in Stone Mountain city in Georgia on August 7.

Anupama Koirala, a former refugee from Timai camp, sector B/2, Hut no 19, was returning from her job along with her friends and a brother when the incident took place in front of her own apartment. They were being followed by three men as soon as they stepped in on Marta, the local bus that runs in the city.

After they got down at CVS pharmacy and headed towards Wyn View Apartments, where they live, they followed them further about 10 minutes before one of them pointed a gun at Shanti Ram Dhungel, a friend of Anupama. Then they snatched the purse from the girl and fled the scene before the police arrived.

This is one of the incidents of attacks on the resettled refugees in row. Lately the refugees have been living in intimidation; and it appears that those who work at night and who do not own car have been targeted more.

Read about the robbery and murder of another Bhutanese refugee here.

Voice of America/Omar Jamal have the inside scoop on travel agency raid

When it comes to Somalis in America, Omar Jamal IS the voice of America.   Regular readers will know I’m laughing as I write this.  Here we go again, this time it’s news about the feds raiding a Minnesota travel agency in connection with the case of the Somali missing youths who have returned to Somalia to participate in Jihad.   Omar Jamal ALWAYS has the inside scoop.  From the Voice of America:

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation searched the office of a Minnesota travel agency this week for clues to the disappearance of 20 Somali-American men believed to be fighting in Somalia’s civil war.

Omar Jamal, spokesman for the Somali Justice Advocacy Center, says the owner of Amana Travel was approached several months ago by two young men who wanted to travel to Somalia. Jamal says the owner, Ali Mohamud, refused to book the tickets when he learned the young men’s parents were unaware of their plans.

Type ‘Omar Jamal’ into our search function and you will see what I mean.  I bet we have dozens of posts on him.

Welcoming Sweden a myth according to Christian Iraqis being denied asylum

Update August 12th:  More here from Stockholm News.

This is a story I would like to know more about.  We know that Sweden is having a terrible time with Muslim immigrants, but didn’t know the country was expelling Iraqi Christians.

More than two years after the Swedish Supreme Court of Migration decided there was no “inner armed conflict” in Iraq, and Sweden started the largest expulsion of any nationality that has ever taken place in the country, a Swedish Radio News investigation for SR’s Ekot uncovers the grim truth about the new asylum policies in Sweden. Unique documents, a hidden microphone and a whistle blower reveal a new Swedish asylum policy of which most people are unaware.

Sweden is known to be one of the most generous countries in the world in granting Iraqi asylum seekers refugee status. The government also pushes for all other EU Countries to adopt more generous policies when it comes to accepting particularly vulnerable Iraqi refugees, especially from the camps in the neighbouring countries of Iraq. At the same time SR News can reveal that Sweden at the same time has been returning other vulnerable Iraqis by force to Baghdad.

During three days – starting on the 10th of August – SR News will reveal more evidence of the new Swedish asylum policy.

For four months we have been interviewing 52 Iraqi citizens, all non-Muslim and most of them Christian Assyrians (also known as Chaldeans and Syriacs). These non-muslim minorities make up a large part of the Iraqi refugees in Sweden, maybe as much as 30-50 percent, although there are no official statistics.

Some of the asylum seekers are now forced into hiding to avoid being sent back to Iraq, a country where only half the number of the Christians and other non-Muslims from before 2003 remain. Few non-Muslim Iraqis have been willing to return voluntarily. Many Christians are also afraid of the new tensions between the Kurdish provinces and the Baghdad government, and that a rising conflict between the two will put the large minority of Christians residing in the Nineveh Plains directly on the fault line.

Read on.  There is more.

I would like to know how many Christians and how many Muslim Iraqis we take, but the State Department isn’t talking.

Rohingya sued to get into Japan; control-freaks advance agenda

This is a follow-up to my post last night updating our Rohingya Reports category.   B.L. sent this old story that brings two important issues together—Japan’s reluctance to dilute its unique culture and Rohingya Muslims agitating to get into first world countries.  It also allows me to vent again on my theory of what drives all this.

Here is the information from The Japan Times in 2007.  By the way, although RRW was up and running in the fall of 2007, we were not aware of the Rohingya campaign until January 2008, here.  Now we have over 70 posts in the Rohingya category if anyone wants to see how a public relations campaign of this sort evolves.

Seven members of a Myanmar ethnic minority appeared in court Wednesday to ask for asylum, saying they face severe persecution if forced to return there.

The people from the Rohingya ethnic minority are seeking in their lawsuit at the Tokyo District Court that the government revoke its denial of refugee status and grant them asylum in Japan. 


Taro Takahashi, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, said many Myanmar natives seeking asylum in Japan have at times been detained for more than a year before obtaining provisional status. Winning recognition as a refugee has been difficult as well.

Myanmar people have filed 535 applications for refugee status since 1992, but only 132, including some Rohingyans, have been granted asylum, the plaintiffs’ lawyers said.

Recently I told you how Japan is being badgered by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to take significantly more refugees and asylees.

So who is driving nations to give up their unique cultures—mixing people up in a giant human blender?  It is a cabal of very powerful people who want to erase boundaries and govern the world with an authoritarian hand.   They are elitists and control-freaks who think they are smarter than the rest of us.

In order to demolish boundaries they need to dilute cultures, wipe out patriotism and move people around the world like so many herds of cattle.  One can’t possibly think that this little handful of Rohingya illegals found powerful legal representation on their own.   This is all orchestrated and Japan is a hold-out—a nation that hasn’t gotten with the program.

The puppeteers in all this are also statists (like Obama) who want to concentrate economic power into the hands of a highly centralized government.   UN bigwigs are probably licking their chops figuring they will be the all powerful dictators of all of our lives.   The immigrants (refugees and asylees) themselves are being used — friends of Obama, like Wade Rathke founder of ACORN and the SEIU, don’t give one minute of thought to the real needs of immigrants and the poor, they are only the pawns, the means to an end.  The angrier and poorer the immigrants are, the better.   The ends justify the means.

Two final points I want to make:

The statist control-freaks know how to use our desire to be decent humanitarians to cover their real agenda.    Have pity for the immigrant pawns, but don’t fall for the strategy.

And, in their collaboration with Islamists they make a grave error—Muslims want their own one world borderless government, but it is a very different one then the Leftwing/elitist/statist cabal hankers for.