Muslim Bangladesh tells Burma (Myanmar) to take its Muslim Rohingya back

You gotta laugh (well, at least I do) that here we have just another example of so-called Muslim charity.  Bangladesh, a Muslim country, is telling Burma to be neighborly and take its illegal immigrants, the Rohingya back.   From Reuters:

BANGLADESH has sought help from the UN refugee agency to repatriate thousands of Rohingya Muslims to Myanmar and stop the flow of illegal immigrants, officials said today.

Dhaka says there are about 28 000 living in camps near the Myanmar border, and another 400 000 scattered outside.

“The continuous flow of illegal entrants was causing huge damage to our scarce land, forest and other resources,” [Edit:  Interesting that even Bangladesh understands that large numbers of immigrants strain resources when even our own Sierra Club hasn’t figured that out yet!] Foreign Minister Dipu Moni said after a meeting with Raymond Hall, regional representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Rohingyas, not recognised as an ethnic minority by Myanmar, allege human rights abuse by its authorities, saying they deprive Rohingya of free movement, education and rightful employment.

Moni urged the Myanmar authorities to take back the Rohingyas in the interest of good neighbourly relations.

Meanwhile, do you know what is even funnier?   Bengalis are coming to the US in large numbers—-illegally!  And becoming Jihadi terrorists to boot!

I haven’t had a Rohingya update in awhile.  For new readers we have a whole category on Muslim Rohingya since there is a lobbying campaign within the refugee industry to bring them to the US.  Some have already gone to Canada, the UK and Ireland.

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