Muslim Bangladesh tells Burma (Myanmar) to take its Muslim Rohingya back

You gotta laugh (well, at least I do) that here we have just another example of so-called Muslim charity.  Bangladesh, a Muslim country, is telling Burma to be neighborly and take its illegal immigrants, the Rohingya back.   From Reuters:

BANGLADESH has sought help from the UN refugee agency to repatriate thousands of Rohingya Muslims to Myanmar and stop the flow of illegal immigrants, officials said today.

Dhaka says there are about 28 000 living in camps near the Myanmar border, and another 400 000 scattered outside.

“The continuous flow of illegal entrants was causing huge damage to our scarce land, forest and other resources,” [Edit:  Interesting that even Bangladesh understands that large numbers of immigrants strain resources when even our own Sierra Club hasn’t figured that out yet!] Foreign Minister Dipu Moni said after a meeting with Raymond Hall, regional representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Rohingyas, not recognised as an ethnic minority by Myanmar, allege human rights abuse by its authorities, saying they deprive Rohingya of free movement, education and rightful employment.

Moni urged the Myanmar authorities to take back the Rohingyas in the interest of good neighbourly relations.

Meanwhile, do you know what is even funnier?   Bengalis are coming to the US in large numbers—-illegally!  And becoming Jihadi terrorists to boot!

I haven’t had a Rohingya update in awhile.  For new readers we have a whole category on Muslim Rohingya since there is a lobbying campaign within the refugee industry to bring them to the US.  Some have already gone to Canada, the UK and Ireland.

CIS to hold panel discussion on immigrant impact on health care

Calling it the “Elephant in the Living Room,” the Center for Immigration Studies is holding this panel discussion next Wednesday, August 19th at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

I knew that there was lots of controversy swirling around the issue of illegal immigrants and health care reform, but I had no idea the numbers of all immigrants, legal and illegal, who would need medical coverage if the Obama plan becomes law is so large.

WASHINGTON (August 10, 2009) – One out of three people in the U.S. without health insurance is an immigrant (legal or illegal) or the U.S.-born child (under 18) of an immigrant. Immigrants and their children also account for one-fourth of those on Medicaid. While there has been some discussion of whether illegal immigrants should be covered by proposed government insurance plans, the enormous impact of immigration, both legal and illegal, on the health care system has generally not been acknowledged in the current debate.

Looks like the discussion is open to the public, for more information go here.

Ft. Morgan gets an African Community Center to benefit Cargill and all will be well

Maybe, maybe not.   Here is another article about Ft. Morgan, Co, a meatpacking town that seems to be opening its arms to African refugees.   Although there are a few glitches—like car accidents—not to worry, they have a ‘community organizing center’ likely paid for by the taxpayer that is expected to make everything go smoothly.   They want to avoid all that bad stuff that happens in Greeley.

So what’s a few car accidents anyway? 

The crash [a deadly crash] has also spurred a new African-run community center to start teaching English and the rules of the road to the new immigrants, including people from Kenya, Congo, and Ethiopia. But some readers of the local newspaper, the Fort Morgan Times, have suggested that the immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

Fort Morgan’s police department doesn’t keep data on accidents by race, Lt. Darin Sagel said. But Mayor Jack Darnell said it appeared the immigrants are “having a disproportionate amount of accidents,” most of them minor fender-benders.

“And they realize it. They are trying to adjust,” Darnell said.

Sagel said the accidents may be the result of not being accustomed to a new environment.

The environment?  What the heck?  Didn’t they get drivers’ licenses by passing a test?  What the article doesn’t tell you in response to that logical question is that there are massive drivers license scams throughout the US where translators receive payment under the table for “helping” immigrants with a few answers on the written test.

Cargill recruited the Africans with the help of the US State Department and now to help Cargill the African Community Center helps the Somalis and other Africans adjust.

The Africans chose Fort Morgan as their new home largely because of the presence of  Cargill Meat Solutions Corp., a Wichita, Kan.-based firm that has hired more than 360 of them, said Ibrahim Abdi, who also runs the community center.

Cargill’s wages start at $12.45 an hour for jobs from cleaning to packaging meat, Ali said. The plant employed about 20 percent of Fort Morgan’s 10,800 residents in 2007. 

Besides the U.S. government, Abdi said Somalis are grateful for Cargill.

“They gave us work, and they gave us a way to live,” Abdi said.

Center volunteers drive people to doctor’s appointments or help them find housing, another big issue. As many as 100 immigrants, most of them single men, stay in motels because there aren’t enough apartments or because they want to get a job before signing a lease, center leaders said.

So, to summarize, the Morgan African Community Center is surely a taxpayer-funded organization that supplements Cargill.  Maybe Cargill should be funding the community center!   Has any enterprising reporter looked into the funding arrangements for what amounts to another Ethnic Community Based Organization, a pet project of the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR).  I wonder if former Kansas governor Sebelius , now Secretary of Health and Human Services which oversees the ORR, was a friend of Cargill?   Remember the Clintons were friends of Iowa meatpackers and that is how we got so many Bosnian refugees.

As Ramadan demands are expected at the Swift plant in Greeley, Ft. Morgan is sure they will dodge the bullet because they now have a “community center.”

Abdi said the center also has acted as a mediator to prevent the kind of discord that arose among Somali Muslims and their employers around the country over prayer rituals.

In Greeley, about 50 miles west of Fort Morgan, the JBS Swift & Co. meatpacking plant fired more than 100 workers during Ramadan last year after evening-shift workers walked out, saying the firm refused to allow their breaks to coincide with sunset so they could pray. At the time, Swift said they had tried to accommodate workers’ lunch schedules by more than an hour.

There have been no such problems in Fort Morgan, workers say.

Yet anyway!

Note to the Ft. Morgan Times:  I still have your editorial of last September at my fingertips.

I’ve written a lot about Ft. Morgan but don’t have the energy to put all the links in here, so just type Ft. Morgan into our search function to learn more.

Government housing projects to blame for radicalization in Australia

The other day I promised more on the teeth-gnashing and hand-wringing going on in Australia in the wake of the Somali/Lebanese terror plot that security forces foiled there a week ago.

The August 5th issue of Time magazine weighs in with an article that doesn’t tell us too much more, but this section interested me because it is a continuation of the theme of the lack of assimilation that seems to be at the heart of what people think is going wrong in Australia.

Rudd said the incident emanated “from a small number of individuals who should in no way be taken as a wider reflection of any group within Australian society.” A number of critics, however, say the so-called plot illustrates a failure to integrate immigrants like the Somalis into Australian society. Dr. Berhan Ahmed, chairman of the Melbourne-based African Think Tank, an organization dedicated to assisting African refugees, says outdated policies are responsible for migrants’ struggling in Australian society.

Unemployment remains a huge problem. Ahmed also cites the practice of putting refugees into troubled government-owned housing complexes or high-rise apartment blocks “where often the drug dealers are who want to recruit the kids.” Instead, parents push the kids toward religious figures, including some who preach extremist views. Says Ahmed: “What would you do for your son or daughter? Would you leave them to drug dealers?”

So, lets see, parents fearing their kids will get into drugs push them into the arms of religious zealots.  Hummm.  It has always got to be the fault of the western country that has taken in refugees, it is never the inherent problems with Islam and its Jihad imperative.

I was however interested to see that refugees in Australia are placed in substandard housing in Australia, just as they often are in the US.   What is up with that?  Maybe if they, or the US, can’t afford decent housing we SHOULDN’T BRING SO MANY REFUGEES!

CAST: Taking a stand against the spread of Shariah law

Update August 14th:  Protests continue, here.

Amid all the very large and angry demonstrations occurring over the last week and planned for the coming weeks on Obamacare, a small cheerful band of patriots stood outside the JBS Swift meatpacking plant  in Greeley, CO on Saturday to declare that Shariah law was not going to get a foothold in America.   Coloradans against Shariah Task Force (CAST) maintain, as do we, that when meatpacking companies and other employers give in to religious demands by Muslim employees for special workplace accommodation that is the beginning of the Stealth Jihad.  See my first report about CAST here.

This protest in Greeley (the birthplace of Al-Qaeda) in advance of Ramadan, the Muslim holiday which surely portends another contentious month in meatpacking towns across the country, is believed to be the first time that citizens have stood up to tell the public of the dangers they see with employers caving to Muslim (Somalis mostly in this case) demands.  By elevating Islamic requirements to the highest concern in workplace functioning, these demands are detrimental to other ethnic and religious workers in the plant.

Although the Greeley Tribune interviewed CAST leader Michael Gale, little mention was made of the real purpose of the demonstration.  See the Greeley Tribune coverage here (very strange, I know the paper had more the other day, I saw it!).   Read Jerry Gordon’s reports here and here.

Here is my recent post about Greeley and the Somalis filing Civil Rights complaints against Swift.

To catch up on this contentious issue, visit our entire category on the Greeley/Grand Island Swift controversy going back to last year here.