Greeley, CO Round 2 in the Ramadan battle? What is this all about?

Yesterday I directed readers to this excellent and extremely informative article in the Greeley Tribune that basically suggests a new round of protests is likely at meatpacking plants as the Muslim Ramadan holiday approaches.   Read my post yesterday and be sure to go back and read the Greeley Tribune as well. 

Since the ruckus began first in Shelbyville, TN with the decision by Tyson’s Food to give up the Labor Day holiday in exchange for Eid-al Fitr, the last day of Ramadan, and through the demonstrations in Greeley, CO and Grand Island, NE it wasn’t so clear to me what this was all about other than a spontaneous demand by mostly Somali “refugees”  for religious accommodation in the workplace.   However, in the last year we have learned a lot and we now know this is much bigger then a few spontaneous demonstrations.  There is nothing spontaneous about this—protests are being orchestrated.

So I don’t get too long, I’ll tell you what is happening in bullet format.

* Progressives (radical leftwing community organizers) are using the Alinsky model of community organizing.  We call it community destabilization and we have a whole category on the topic, here.   The gist of what they are doing is using angry poor immigrants to create chaos to bring about “change.”     And, “change” means socialism and ultimately a world without borders, without sovereign countries.

* The Progressives, including Obama’s friends at the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) and their helpers at CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) have “organized” Somalis in certain cities in the US and trained them to disrupt the workplace by demanding religious accommodation.  I have noted that Somali “community” centers are springing up and Somali “community” organizers are arriving in meatpacking company towns.   The most recent one I mentioned was Ft. Morgan, CO where Somalis are already agitating through their new “organizer” that they don’t have any supervisory positions at the Cargill plant there (did you notice this issue is also being raised in the Greeley Tribune story?).  In addition to special treatment for prayer times, mark my words, this supervisory promotion issue will be popping up everywhere this year.

* You might say the Progressives, the socialists, are using the Somalis, but the Somalis are also using the Progressives.   Baron Bodissey writing last year at Gates of Vienna blog says this is all about probing western countries to see how much Shariah law we will tolerate.   Always on Watch reminds us what the Eid-al Fitr holiday is all about—it’s about conquering people (well, infidels!), about creating a worldwide caliphate.

So as the battles begin later this summer, keep what I have said in mind.  It is planned, it is organized, it is a strategy to change America.   The only thing that makes no sense to me is, do the Progressives think they can control the Islamic fundamentalists in the end?    If they do, they are miscalculating very badly.

*To new readers:    

The US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US in the last 25 years and then last year had to suspend family reunification because widespread immigration fraud was revealed through DNA testing.

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