Government housing projects to blame for radicalization in Australia

The other day I promised more on the teeth-gnashing and hand-wringing going on in Australia in the wake of the Somali/Lebanese terror plot that security forces foiled there a week ago.

The August 5th issue of Time magazine weighs in with an article that doesn’t tell us too much more, but this section interested me because it is a continuation of the theme of the lack of assimilation that seems to be at the heart of what people think is going wrong in Australia.

Rudd said the incident emanated “from a small number of individuals who should in no way be taken as a wider reflection of any group within Australian society.” A number of critics, however, say the so-called plot illustrates a failure to integrate immigrants like the Somalis into Australian society. Dr. Berhan Ahmed, chairman of the Melbourne-based African Think Tank, an organization dedicated to assisting African refugees, says outdated policies are responsible for migrants’ struggling in Australian society.

Unemployment remains a huge problem. Ahmed also cites the practice of putting refugees into troubled government-owned housing complexes or high-rise apartment blocks “where often the drug dealers are who want to recruit the kids.” Instead, parents push the kids toward religious figures, including some who preach extremist views. Says Ahmed: “What would you do for your son or daughter? Would you leave them to drug dealers?”

So, lets see, parents fearing their kids will get into drugs push them into the arms of religious zealots.  Hummm.  It has always got to be the fault of the western country that has taken in refugees, it is never the inherent problems with Islam and its Jihad imperative.

I was however interested to see that refugees in Australia are placed in substandard housing in Australia, just as they often are in the US.   What is up with that?  Maybe if they, or the US, can’t afford decent housing we SHOULDN’T BRING SO MANY REFUGEES!

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